Anyone else have an aquarium?

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  1. I don't have anything set up at the moment but I used to be huge on Biotopes and aqua scaping. Takashi Amano is my hero! 

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  3. Got a buddy with a *aquaponics* set up
  4. My buddy in Utah does the natural environment style aquariums
  5. I've been planning my dream tank out for the last couple days...I've managed to come up with a lot of ideas, sitting around and smoking all day long during my two days off haha. I live in a small apartment and will be moving out in nine months, so I'm going to wait until I settle in the next place to get one since I want a 75 gallon aquarium. I'm really interested in a Black Ghost Knifefish, I also really want a Peacock Eel. Does anyone happen to know if the two get along?
  6. hard to say since fish like people have personality.

    I've literally seen fish known to be peaceful and get along, kill eachother for no apperent reason.

    Also sometimes information is wrong.

    I bought a Chinese algae eater once and was told it would eat algae in my tank.

    Turns out only the babies eat algae. They are extremely aggressive and become carnivorous when they grow up.

    Research helps but experience and trial and error are best (as such buy babies and don't spend tons of money on expensive fish when you are new to the hobby.

  7. Thanks for the advice! It's definitely hard not to get ahead of myself while planning it out haha. Maybe I should start with a 20 gallon in the meantime.
  8. no don't do that.

    Always start with the biggest tank possible.

    For starters, if you enjoy the hobby you will end up wanting more and more fish. Most people don't want to admit it, but there is a strict limit to how many fish you can cram into the tank and still keep them happy and healthy.

    Secondly the fish will grow. And the size recommended is usually lower than you should have. If you keep a full grown knife fish in a 20 gallon it won't be happy at all even by itself.

    Thirdly, larger tanks are easier to maintain. This is because the water parameters will remain more stable than in a smaller tank where they can be unbalanced quickly.

    And lastly, once you have the tank settup already, its harder to make that push to "upgrade". People do that all the time. They think they will get a bigger tank later but decide its too big a job.

    I highly recommend starting off as big as possible for tank size, just not filling it with expensive fish.

    Also I personally believe in giving fish way more room than they supposedly need, because like all pets, I like to spoil them and keep them happy. So basically I'd keep a 75 gallon guppy tank if I could.

  9. I have a small round aquarium with two goldfish. Nothing special, but the mood lifts.
  10. I used to have a Beta, beautiful blue/purple I named him Mr Skittles.... don't judge.... Sadly he wasn't doing to well when his tank got cold. I tried to use a heater for the small tank but it was too late for Mr. Skittles :-(

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    a ghost knife will quickly outgrow a 75 gallon.
    But I broke my own rule though.
    I have a 120 gallon and got an African tiger fish (very hard to come by, and steep price)
    luckily for me they don't grow fast like ghost knife.
    eventually (if i keep it for its life) will need a 5000 gallon tank just to see it pace the tank.
    7 denison barbs
    2 cherry barbs
    3 congo tetras
    2 red severums
    1 blue acara cichlid
    5 red head geophagus
    4 delhezi bichir
    1 teugelsi bichir (super rare! Barely discovered by science)
    1 african tiger fish (vittatus)
    Lot of live plants
    My 6 foot tank is awaiting my ideas, or sure what to do with it yet.

    here's the teugelsi bichir.

    The 2 striped ones are delhezi bichir

    And this is what a 'young' african tiger fish looks like.


    This is about max size for an African tiger fish


    And here's mine from last week's picture


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  13. Infi, those bichirs are gorgeous... And that electric blue acara, damn! He's good size.. Pretty fellas, they always remind me of big blue Rams, lol.

    So when does the African tiger fish start eating everyone? Lol

    We need to wake this thread back up, I know there's many stoner aquarists out there.

    "The world is in your hands,
    Mine are in the dirt."
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  14. The atf already claimed all my 5" denisons, and 4" congo tetra. Sometimes I forget to bring home shrimp and he gets very pacy and tries stealing pellets from my other fish, to end up spitting it out.

    I'm actually looking to sell this tank to a good buddy, since he's another aquarium guy.

    Might do a tiny 40 gallon freshwater shrimp tank, it'll be more peaceful.
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  15. This guy is really starting to look like a dinosaur.

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  16. I love turtles!
    I will eventually get a 1000 gallon for a turtle setup, they generally do well in large tanks.
    I'd have an aligners snapper, Mata mata, and a fly river turtle (only freshwater turtle in the world).
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  17. I have four turtles now. Two red eared sliders in a 55 gallon, and a mississippi map with red bellied slider in a 40 gallon.

    I have plans to build a 400 gallon tank from scratch as well as buying a couple second hand 150 gallon tanks. These creatures are growing as Donald Trump would say, "Huuuuge."
  18. My ivy type plant started rooting after 2 weeks in my tank. Eventually it'll grow super long, guessing from the fertilizer (fish poop).
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  19. Tank chillers are primarily for things like lobster tanks in restaurants and even the tank is specially made (usually double walled so that once chilled condensation doesn't build up on the out side of the tank)
    despite the name you can set the temperatures to any temp below the room temp.
    You can check restaurant supply outlets but they really are in the thousands of dollars. A better (and cheaper) way to get a tank is through a auction house that deals in restaurant closers. These happen all the time and this piece of equipment isn't necessarily going to go into someone elses restarant. It may still cost a few hundred but are well worth it. good luck!

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