Anyone else have an aquarium?

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  2. looks very nice. you should get some nice wood or rock decorations in there though, seems like tons of empty space. also are you sure thats 40 gal? because it looks pretty damn big.

    i have a 29 gal tank in my room, unfortunately it got some horrible disease and killed off all my fish except for one. however before that, i had

    -7 tiger barbs
    -7 black neon tetras
    -1 clown pleco
    -1 siamese algae eater
    -1 bamboo shrimp
    -1 golden gourami

    the only fish that survived was the gourami. i started adding medicine into the water but it was too late for all the fish :(. just waiting a few weeks now to make sure the infection is gone for good before i start adding some new fish. i dont have any live plants though, although i might get some in the future.

    the gourami is very cool though, he was my favorite fish and i'm glad he survived. he was the biggest and brightest one at the store, and he's so interesting to watch. he's always on the move, always doing something. lately i've been trying to teach him to let me pet him too lol. i don't have a pic but here's a pic of a golden gourami from google:
  3. Tank sounds pretty nice, I'v always wanted to do a planted tank. Maybe ill set up my 29g and do one. Right now i have a 55g with 3 red belly pirahans, and a common pleco.
    The plecos name is Bubbles, and the pirhans names are Pinky, pancake, and goblin. All of them are camara shy so its hard to get a good picture, they range in size from like 5-7in.

    Hiiii grasscity :wave:
  4. piranhas?
    damn.... lol

    anyway, i used to have a tank when i was a child, i dont anymore but the idea of taking a few hits and sitting in front of a tank to watch them does sound interesting :)
  5. watching my piranhas eat when im stoned gives me an adrenaline rush lol its like animal planet in my room
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  7. Their normal diet consists of freeze dried krill and fresh tilapia from the market. I tried getting them on pellets but its hard to get piranhas to eat pellets, would save me money if they did.. I give them live food once in a while, maybe once a month. I'll get them a fuzzy or 2 (small feeder mouse). I don't really like giving them live food though because it makes a MESS. The local pet store where i live has 3 massive red bellied pacus, those are really cool fish. Their basicly oversized piranha without teeth.
  8. When I was little we had a 55 gallon and a 35. In the 55 we had all different kinds of Oscars, black and red, white and orange... I loved watching them when we fed fed them live goldfish and ghost shrimps. In the 35 we had pictus catfish and a few other fish. I miss having aquariums :(
  9. Whoa I bet the feeder mice are crazy to watch, do they spit out the fur or anything?

    I've always wanted to have some kind of predatory fish and then have a second tank for raising feeder fish and then never having to buy live food. Or it would be cool if you had the two fish together, where the feeder fish bred enough to keep a stable population but also fed the bigger fish?

    I also have a love for paludariums (half water half land), although I've never gotten around to making one.

    [ame=]YouTube - Eriks Paludarium climate control[/ame]
  10. i don't have one but i want one. someone buy one for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ;)
  11. I have 2 aquariums and a vivarium one tank is a 420g 7'x3'x2.5' reef the other is not set up yet but it's a 210G 6'x2'x2.5' I'm not 100% sure what's going in it and the viv will have dart frogs it's 240g 4'x2'x4'
  12. damn, where do you keep all of these tanks lol
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  14. The 420 is in my bonus room and the 240 will be back there too I just need to paint it I built it myself and the 210 will go in my room as soon as we find someone to help move it it's 600 pounds empty

  15. I'm on my phone but I'll post them when I get home
  16. I love those.
    I´ve been planning on making one with fish in the water and poison dart frogs on the dry part.


    Awesome animals right?

    Currently I have a Takashi Amano inspired aquarium. It's very small (27 liters) and only has one species of small fish and some small shrimp in it.
    It looks a little like this:
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    oh and i agree, watching your fishtank stoned is super relaxing and super interesting. i could sit there for hours lol

    here's a shitty phone pic of my aquarium before everything died...

  18. this is dope. im gonna put an aquarium in the wall when i get a house
  19. Your neighbours will not be pleased.
  20. no man i meant like this


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