Anyone Else Have a Hard Time Making Friends at School?

Discussion in 'General' started by Drunkship, Mar 9, 2008.

  1. Hey guys,

    It's the weekend again. And once again, I am bored out of my mind. I'm sittin' here at UMASS with nothing to do! Now, I'm not some freak nerd, I have like 12 close friends who I chill with at home on a regular basis.

    Here at school, I've only made about six friends. I just ate dinner a few hours ago with one of them and he said to give him a call in an hour. So an hour rolls around, and he didn't pick up. Or his roommate (my other friend) for that matter. Two of my other friends aren't picking up either. The other two go home every weekend.

    Now I'm sitting here alone, without weed. I am sippin' on a handle of whiskey & Coke by myself and am about to scrape my bowl. I feel like a loser.
  2. Hey, man, don't feel down, we're here for ya!

    We've all had days like that, and yeah, it can be hard to make friends at school. I have a hard time myself, but that's largely because I'm so busy.
  3. Let me give you the best advice you will ever get from anyone ever : people are stupid. People are very, fucking, stupid. I used to have hundreds of "friends" and go out with them, see them when I go out, etc. Now I have six friends exactly. I cut ties with all the other people because they are fucking stupid. Your close friends that you talk about are the only ones you need to worry about, and you might meet a few more, but most people are just fucking stupid, and you shouldn't even bother.

    Sometimes you need to be alone, and I'd rather be alone than chill with stupid people, and people that don't answer their phone after telling you to call them are stupid.
  4. Thanks for the encouragement. Yeah, one of my boys just called back and he's gettin' me an 1/8th for $40, which is sweet. He's down to take some shots and chill for a second but he's doing a lot of deliveries tonight if you catch my drift.

    But yeah, people are fucking stupid. Most people I met here at school I wouldn't want to be friends with. For some reason, the kids I did make friends with here are all skaters. I don't skate, so I kind of stick out. They are probably just at some skateboarder's house ragin' or something. I just get kind of lonely here, because back at home I'm used to chilling with like 6-12 people every night.
  5. some nights are better when ur just alone chillen with a sack of bud and some dutches tho, always remember that
  6. lol your not a loser, i don't consider n e one my friend. i go solo, the people i do chill with are all girls wink wink lol, it aint shit, friends aint friends till they prove it. and if they aint around 4 u then they aint feelin u, but a loser? that's harsh, don't get yourself down, just keep looking, n eventually ull find someone who'll stick witchu through all your boring times
  7. No problem. None at all. You have to jump on the bandwagon these days to make barely any friends at all. Complete bull shit. I'd rather be myself than run along with a bunch of closed minded wagon riders.
  8. If you have any hobbies, see if your school offers them and then make friends through that. Sometimes it's hard to make friends in class or whatever, but if you know you have a hobby in common, I feel like get the conversation started is a bit easier.

    EDIT: I got made friends at the Zoo.
  9. I'm sitting at home alone on a Saturday night myself. I've never been one to make a lot of friends. I do make friends, but I think that they are better people than most out there. Not trying to be hating on most people, but I'd rather have a real friendship with people than a bunch of drinking buddies to talk to at parties and get drunk with. I would much rather spend the night chilling with 4 good friends than be at a party with 50 kids that I barely know and just drink with them.

    In college I find that a lot of people love the new freedom they have to go out and party whenever they want, and because of that the actual friendship isn't as strong. It's just a bunch of people to party with.

    You probably have better friends than most people who are out getting drunk at parties.
  10. Everyone from MA has atleast one friend there:p
  11. I have my close friends that I hang out with every week or so but in general I tend to chill alot myself. When I was dorming two years ago I had alot of fun cause I could always go to any ones room if I wanted to chill but now I blaze and hang out with "me" like 80% of the time. It can be boring sometimes not hanging with people every day but at least you have the freedom to do whatever you want. Also when I was in high school I found most of the people to be really lame wanting to be cool type of kids who think they're gangster or whatever so it's better not to be friends with ppl like that I think.
  12. You gotta use weed to make friends. You go up to people, say you'll smoke them up, and then the weed will allow awesome conversation to just naturally flow, and you'll become friendly with 'em. How does that sound?
  13. I'd agree- but in this town the negative stoner stereotypes are true. Most of the smokers here are either really really stupid, back stabber (smoker friend stole my 25$) and mean.
    But there are a couple who are really nice... I guess people who smoke are either real bad or real nice.
  14. Well, the thing is, I'm a computer major, so like 90% of the computer majors here are fucking nerds!

    The 12 friends I have at home, we are ALL close. Like, we don't chill unless all of us can chill (granted a couple are away for school so sometimes its like 9 of us) but we are really tight. We all have each other's back and I trust all of them.

    It's just, here at school, I don't trust them that much. My two "closest" friends here haven't even called me back since about 7 now, so fuck them. My boy just got me an 1/8th of some indoors for $40, so I thanked him for that and gave him a few shots of whiskey, but he had to go meet his brother who was visiting here tonight.

    Bah. This broad wants to go blaze later tonight, so maybe I'll just meet up with her and pass out after we blaze.

    I've tried man. Most of my friends are stoners here at school. We just don't seem to CONNECT like my friends back home. Every dude that I think blazes, whether in class or passing by I always strike up a conversation with them!
  15. Ya a few my close friends moved and it is kinda hard to make close friends ya know. I'm going to a party tonight with some of my friends but all we do together is drink and talk bullshit.
  16. I've always been really bad at making friends. I'd have like, a few really close friends each year I went to school. And, like...that's about it.
    I think the big problem was I was always sitting away from everyone else drawing. I know it sounds a little sad, but that was were all my passion was...and still is. I'd rather stay at home and paint a picture than go to a party with a bunch of people. I'm generally socially awkward and when I do go to a party, I don't know what to say. Except for when I'm with people I know..then I open up a little.
    Idk if it would be considered social anxiety or what. I'm nice, creative, unique....but I am shy as hell when it comes to new people.

    One day I'll find that perfect group of friends who want to just chill out and smoke & draw. Or just draw. Idk...:confused_2:
  17. Usually people who don't have a lot of friends don't get out that much. I know I don't.

    But let me ask you Drunkship: are you happy? You answer that question and you can decide if you need friends.
  18. Naw... c'mon now, don't talk like that. Just because they're not as social or mainstream as everyone else doesn't mean they don't have the potential to be interesting, good people. My brother is dead because of the words nerd and loser, give them a chance b.

    And just smoke a blunt with them, they'll turn out to be fine. If they don't want to, peer pressure them into it.
  19. I just play a good game of Cs source and then you realize that you arent a looser.
  20. I never had any problems making friends. I was always the quite kid who sat in the corner, and even though i did this, people liked me alot. I think people like shy kids, I dunno. But friends came to me , I didnt go up to people and say stuff like "hey , my names xxxxx, wanna hang out?" I dont know, it was always different for me. Sorry I couldnt help you out much.

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