Anyone else have a favorite grinder?

Discussion in 'General' started by dankdude300, Jul 7, 2017.


Do you have a favorite grinder?

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  1. Does anyone else have this one grinder that they prefer to use over any other? I hope I'm not the only lol.
    I own a bunch of grinders but this one I just got a few months ago has been my daily driver. Like I legit cannot grind with something else. Anyone else have this feeling too?

    Maybe its the sexy looks and badass feeling of holding it. It was only 20 bucks if anyone wants one too.
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  2. I'm old school...I just stuff the bud in the bowl, then apply fire.

    The kief in the corner of the stash can is all I recover. The rest gets smoked. :GettingStoned:
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  3. i have a space case i like because it's hard as a brick but i don't really use it. i don't generally grind up my weed unless im vaping. with my bong i just break off a snap from the bud and smoke that. ground up weed burns to hot when smoking for me.
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    Good tips.
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  5. Got my hands on a santa cruz shredder recently, it's a cool metallic bluey-aqua colour that makes the product look gooood :biggrin:

    You gotta clean it pretty often though, for a smooth grind. Never had to do that with my old grinders. Worth it though.

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  6. I'm old school but have evolved over the years picking up some new school things dismissing most. I got a wooden grinding like 15 years ago been grinding since. Recently replaced my daily grinder which was a Kannastor 2" 4 piece for a Space Case 2.5" 4 piece and loving the SC, seems to make way more kief and has a better grind. I would recommend SC over most out there. If you want compact go with the 2" however it always felt to small, to roll a decent joint I would have to load it, grind it and load more to grind again.

    The 2" becomes my travel grinder, not yet ready to through it into my grinder graveyard yet. I can't seem to let any of them go.

  7. I prefer to use my 3 piece grinder that has a keif catcher so then i can top bowls with kief lol, i still have a haggard £2 grinder that i got when i first started smoking 9 years ago lol
  8. I think I favor this kind of grinder the best...

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  9. Probably my Cali Crusher. My only other grinder is a wooden one from high school... It doesn't have a kief chamber so I rarely use it anymore.
  10. I use the kief catcher on it, but honestly use it to grind weed rarely.

    Like a monkey, I just sit in the corner mushing the weed between my fingers...Shit all spillin' everywhere, weed bits all over the place, "Oooh, ah...Ooh, ooh!":coolalt:
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  11. I use a Space Case 4 piece that is my go to.

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  12. I have a space case but I like the (sp?) Meundo Mulcher better
  13. I like Space Case.

    I did have a 4-stage grinder from Grasscitys shop years ago, but It got confiscated by the cops :/
    It was an aircraft aluminum one, could stick it in the freezer for 5-10min and it would get ice cold, and then i'd shake it with a dime inside to collect the keif. Since it was 3 screens I could layer my bowls with the different sifts.

    You had your main ground bud, then it separated into the hairs and smaller bits, then into the fine bud and shake, then it collected the Trics

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