Anyone else have a bad temper?

Discussion in 'General' started by Wizards, Feb 16, 2013.

  1. What really gets your temper going? For me it's when my mom is being a bitch or someone else pisses me off haha idk. Like I've punched holes in numerous walls in my house, :/
  2. angry people
  3. Not usually, i'm a pretty chill person in general. I do have a mean side that tends to come out when i'm completely wasted drunk... that's why I cut myself off before I get to that level.
  4. chill people that only get angry when they're really drunk
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    I really don't I wouldn't say. I am a nice person, I don't like to bitch about things and I like to be in a good mood and I think that is a very valuable aspect to have. It's rare I do get very pissed because I tend to brush things off a lot. However, there has been times I have completly 100% lost it. I can rage if I have to but I don't like to so that's probably what makes me even more mad. I am also a person that if I am in fact pissed off I will say that I am and I feel like that makes it better because I am talking it out. On the flipside if I am extremely angry and there is no more stopping it I will become very quiet and distant. You know I am pissed if I am saying nothing and waiting any minute to blow up.

    EDIT: Correction, the only time I have a terrible temper is when I am driving! Whether it's other drives around me or people in my car critisizing my driving. I HATE that shit.
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    people that bottle up their emotions

    Edit: people who edit their posts and have bed temper on the roads.
  7. i used to when i was a teenager. ive punched many holes in many walls and got in a lot of fights...

    i just dont think like that anymore, now its really easy for me to be calm in any situation.
  8. I can get a little belligerent if i havent had my morning toke...bahahaha!!
  9. people that were at one point in their lifetime incapable of controlling their emotions but eventually learned how to


    people who need weed to function normally

    I'm so pissed right now guys
  10. ill punch u in the dick
  11. Reinstalled windows three days ago because i got a new drive, had countless software bugs and ended up losing every single custom tweaked mod for every game i have. Did countless things to fix the bugs for seven hours, no game will even start.

    Broke my keyboard in two with a quick punch, surprised at how easily it snapped.
  12. People who mix sex with violence :D
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    Nope im prob the most cool headed person to ever grace the earth. :wave:
    Actually I do have a temper but it's really deep and takes alot to spark such a negative emotion.
  14. It takes a lot to get me mad, in fact I only really get really mad like a few times a year, but shitttt when I do shit flies out of my mouth that I can't control Nd shit gets ugly quickkk lol.
  15. Only wind can make me angry
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    I always end up beatin the shit out of a wall or door then regret it twenty minutes later when my hand is still bleeding and throbbing lol.
  17. Oh Hell Fucking Yeah Bitch!
  18. fuck that cunt!
  19. Some how I blew my nerves out. Bad. And have one of those "dude, do not relight! Kind of length fuses"....

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