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Anyone else hate tight blunts?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by The Jester man, May 28, 2009.

  1. A lot of the people I smoke with regularly roll them and think they're better than looser blunts, but I can't get over how bad they hit. Why does the fact that it burns for a long time good when the hits are nowhere near as good?
  2. True that.

    I had to start making them looser when i first started toking, cause i was used to rolling ciggies; and they never smoked well with weed in them.
  3. I am thinking that you just have really bricked up wet weed, because if you have well cured good bud, its good if you roll em up tight.
  4. i hate tight blunts but lose blunts can be even worse. in order to be a good roller i think its important to be able to roll it not too tight but not too loose but just right. i hate when people say hey look how perfect this blunt looks while when hitting it its hella tight, id rather smoke a ugly ass blunt that hits perfect than a perfect looking blunt that hits like shit
  5. exactly:smoking:
    The funny thing is a lot of my friends who roll tight blunts think they're great due to their looks, when people who suck at rolling can roll it better just because it can hit well.
  6. I roll my blunts on the tighter side because they last longer. I have seen some that were so tight you could barley hit it. gross.
  7. im pretty sure you have to find that perfect spot in between. if you roll them too tight they hit like crap, but you can still roll them nice and tight without having any problems if they have that slight looseness to them.
  8. You just have to be.....good at rolling blunts. Its one of those things. Its not really a question of tight or loose, its if its rolled well. You'll find the happy medium between the two every time if you have blunt rolling skill
  9. i like my blunts not too tight and not too loose. Ih ate loose blunts and tight. You gotta getem just right
  10. i dont think i have ever rolled or smoked a blunt that was "too tight". i guess im doing something right. is it just harded to hit in general? or is there some special technique for hitting it? haha
  11. It can't be too tight or too loose. You have to hit that elusive middle ground.
  12. +1 to fiding that perfect spot.
    having the SharpStone grinder helps a lot.

  13. Yeah, it's very hard to get a decent hit out of a tight blunt, especially when it is first lit. They are usually fine when it's about half done, but you have to suck in like a motherfucker before then!
  14. I can deal with a tight blunt, I hate loose blunts though.
  15. Obviously it can't be loose as hell either and you need a medium, I was just talking about blunts entirely too tight
  16. the best way imo, is to roll it as a cyclone. I mean you'd have to use the blunt wraps (Zig Zag now makes blunt wraps.. THEY ARE LEGIT....) but cyclones are good!

    There are ups and downs with both tightly rolled and loose rolled blunts.

    For tight blunts its good cuz it burns slower and its well compact (depends on how the weed is. Either its condensed or its loose.)

    Loose blunts are good in a way because there's more air flow from the little gaps but then again loose blunts cause lots of runs but if you can pack it and have it a bit loose then its all gravy.

  17. I'd rather have a blunt be tight than loose, but if its too tight that thats a different story

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