Anyone else hate that new Green Day song

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  1. the one that goes do you know your enemy over and over and over. i keep seeing it everywhere like on commercials and colbert show and it sounds like complete shit. whatchu think?
  2. I agree with everything you said 1 million percent.
  3. Green Day have gone downhill :(

    I still love their old music though.
  4. i havent heard it cause i dont watch tv or anything, but if its a green day song i can say with 100% confidence that, yes, i fucking hate that song.

  5. Yes I know what you mean. I downloaded it hoping it would eventually grow on me but i cant stand it
  6. Yeah man I've mostly been listening to the radio lately and it's so overplayed I, I always change it when I hear the intro. Pretty annoying, but old green day is bomb.
  7. Anyone else here just straight up hate green day
  8. oh god i hate green day nothing good about them
    i absulutely hate good riddance
  9. havent liked any of their songs since 94. but their newest song on the radio is quite bothersome..
  10. i agree

    i like their old stuff. but this new song is getting annoying
  11. anyone else hate everything green day has ever made
  12. man you guys are full of too much hate yo!

    it's an alright song
  13. "Anyone else hate Green Day"

    Fixed it for ya & yup I do
  14. Right here, they are a prime example of shitty, radio friendly rock music.
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