Anyone else hate people?

Discussion in 'General' started by storminator, Oct 11, 2014.

  1. so i was just wondering if anyone else hates people. i have a general dislike for people and i could happily live alone with my dog and not talk to another person.
    i cant stand peoples bullshit, it irritates the hell out of me and i wish some people would just die, sounds a bit harsh but after a certain point you develop a zero tolerance to bullshit and drama and just want to cut them out of your life.
    i hate facebook, no one gives a shit about your stupid statuses and i dont give a fuck what you're doing on the weekend.
    stupid people i cant stand and hypocrites who can happily drink alcohol, develop early signs of dementia and become unstable, all the while condemning me for smoking weed. 
    i dont care about people, i view them as nothing but an annoyance and i have no patience to withold my anger towards them.
    anyone else hate people and think animals are so much better?

  2. I try to avoid bringing people into my life who I know will cause drama.. I'm a little shy but I generally enjoy meeting & talking to new people.  But I do like animals a little better, lol :)
  3. Just chill man, learn to tolerate others ignorance, it's for your benefit.
  4. I don't really care much for anyone really. I have a small group of friends, the rest are associates. I don't let 98% of people know where I live, and also don't tell them my religious POV, politics, drug use, or alcohol use. I have a job but tell most people I'm unemployed; if they know I work, I tell them a different place.

    Only people I open up to is old friends of old friends. We keep the network tight. No snitches, no backstabbers, no junkies, and no thieves.
  5. I like people.  :confused_2: I'm no social butterfly, and I mostly keep to myself. But I still see the majority of people as inherently good. 
    We all have our egos. We all have our faults. We all make mistakes. But we all do a lot of good things as well. Focus more on that and allow people their 'faults' without judgment. Often times the things you hate about others are actually things that trigger something you dislike about yourself, so take those REALLY frustrating people as a lesson you yourself still need to learn. 
  6. I'm a generally friendly person I like to think. I pretty much like everyone until they give me a reason not to. I guess the biggest things that get on my nerves are people who front, people who just aren't honest, and people who think they know everything. Other than that, I'm pretty easy going. Everyone has their idiosyncrasies, so I try not to judge

    Happy toking!

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  8. I guess I should hate myself then. I'm on the pot taking a shit right now and I forgot the check for toilet paper. Wouldn't you know there is none to be seen around here anywhere. Sorry guys got a run I need to hit the showers

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  9. Well, you're on a forum of which the vast majority are people :p
    I don't like all people by any means, but the handful of them who mean so much to me have turned me away from misanthropy. And my job is dealing with people, so I even if I don't care for them, I have to overcome it and do my best.
    And there's always a few interesting buggers running around. If nothing else, they're amusing!
  10. I only hate the people I once loved enough to be emotionally destroyed by -- regarding the rest of the world, I'm rather indifferent.
  11. Yes
    I hate mostly everyone
  12. I don't like people and people don't like me. People don't like people so where do we go from here?

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  13. I can't stand majority of people, I normally keep to myself.
  14. I don't hate the concept of people. I just don't like the large majority of the people I encounter.
  15. I feel you some people are just stuck in what I like to call a loop... So much drama it's like just forget about it. 
    (that probably made no sense due to it relating to my personal experience)
  16. hate's a little strong. do i find most people annoying? yes. 
  17. Many bad people, and a few good ones mixed in.  If you were able to observe them you would see the difference in their speech and actions.
  18. I don't hate people, but I'm very anti-social so I don't talk to many people often. I feel like if you had one group of cool ass friends that didn't piss you off it'd change your view a little

  20. With out People you would have no grasscity,computer,tv,electricity
    Their would be no joy,happiness no one read this thread

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