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Anyone Else Hate Coughing?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Nyxierawr, Jun 5, 2013.

  1. I know some peeps who constantly do it because it "Gets you higher" but I hate it.
    If I cough to much I get a high that I dont enjoy which sucks

    Awesome Opossum

  2. Well I like it because it's decongesting my system naturally, a function weed has that tobacco doesn't. I don't think it gets me higher though, and I do agree if I cough TOO much then I get an unenjoyable couple of moments, but it doesn't kill my whole high!
  3. Bump^^^ :laughing: <<<<Cough cough cough ....Agreed !
  4. yea, if you cough out the hit it supposedly gets you higher.
  5. coughing is what is, sometimes it happens others not
    but oh god coughing OUT a hit? probably the worst thing ever, makes my throat feel sore and torn up all day long.

    anybody who claims coughing gets you higher is lying lol
  6. Your capillaries open up allowing more thc to be absorbed into your system.
  7. i don't mind it as long as it doesn't go on and on like it usually does. :/
  8. says some guy on a weed forum lol, link me to the study you got that info from. its placebo effect bro
  9. Ok, lemme restate after doing some research. When you cough you clear your airways of mucus and other unwanted material. Thus, creating more area for smoke to pass through.

    Would you like me to link you article of why we cough? I don't know of any study into why we cough though, so that's out of the question.
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    oh yeah I'm 12 i forgot what coughing is... 
    How do you know that a cleaner surface area in the lungs has any correlation with the bodys' absorption of thc? thats the kind of data i meant; i don't know what you translated my statement into haha but you definitely missed the point entirely.
    Besides,who the hell coughs while they still have smoke in their lungs? I see people coughing right after the exhale; obviously there is no thc to absorb at that point because you exhaled it. I just don't see how your theory is logical and if it somehow is i want to understand how i was wrong; not be insulted
  11. loooooooooooooool coughing doesnt get you much higher but it does like what nugagerube said. not worth the pain however
    thats why i smoke joints though, its a little easier on the lungs than a massive bong rip or a harsh hit from a bowl
  12. coughing does get you higher, whaat homie said up there ^^
  13. Yeah, but since I cant help it sometimes, I dont worry too much about it. It is annoying, though. 
    how do you know it does that though? i just want some evidence!!! rage.jpeg
  15. It's better to cough. It like... Makes you 10 times more higher.

  16. It beats sneezing or diarrhea, that's for sure.
    i dont think theres solid evidence but im fairly sure your capillaries open up when you cough. however during a hardcore coughing fit youre likely just getting higher based on oxygen deprivation
  18. I completely agree that capillaries probably open or do some form of activity when you cough; but i still don't see why capillaries opening would effect how much thc one can absorb. Thats the kinda thing i keep asking for haha
  19. Well aren't you blowing smoke out while coughing? So when all smoke is gone, and your still coughing your absorbing more thc? I'm confused.
  20. #20 lindsay711, Jun 5, 2013
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    Urg i hate coughing
    I try not to do it because one time i coughed so hard that i drooled on myself
    This is really off topic but i really like your pink hair 

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