Anyone else had a drug-filled week?

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  1. Damn, this week has been one of my best/longest so far.

    Over the course of this week I've smoked about a HP between four people, drank about 8 40's to my dome, rolled for the first time and then one more time, done about 80 MG of Morphine, 30 Oxy, and about 4.5 grams of shrooms. Anyone else had a long ass week full of drugs?
  2. I haven't had a week like that for about 4 years, but when I did the "week" lasted about 9 months with drug-filled weeks back to back to back. Those were good times.
  3. Sounds like my whole summer. Haha. Damn, I had a good summer. I've been in school all week though, so my drug use has slowed quite a bit. Glad you had a good week though man.
  4. I havent had one of those in a while
  5. a lot of cannabis[​IMG] and kratom [​IMG]
  6. i have had many drug induced weeks.

    When i was in colorado, Acid the first day, Rolls the next day, Nitrous and mushrooms the third, more acid the fourth, beer and ketamine on the fifth, more acid on number 6, and booze booze booze on day 7

    weed all along the way of course :bongin:
  7. I've been doing a lot of shit these last couple's starting to take it's toll, so I gotta take a little break.

  8. I'm with you. I have 1.5 blues left. And 3 5mg hydros. I've been getting a few blues and/or OC 40s for maybe the past 14 days. It's so hard to just pass up when they are everywhere. Prices have gone up alot though and it's getting way to expensive.
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    Luckily we have a shady doc out here in PHX.

    Writting EVERYONE scrips.

    Pay $90 for a visit (under the table)

    Leave with a script for 180 blues per month.

    $120 to fill the script.

    $210 for 180 blues = Cha-Chinnnng

    Once I scored a script of 90 80mg Oc's for $200 from a different doc.

    Got a script of 60, OC 30's from a friends grandmother for what she paid at the pharmacy.
    Get this.... $6.
    Yes. Six Dollars.

    What are prices out there?

    Here street prices are; (lately i've been paying the lower one.)

    Blues-$12-$20 depending who you are ($20 for ALMOST everyone. Except super close buddies)

    OC 40's - $20-$25 ($30 to random people)
    OC 60's -$25-$35 ($35-$40 to random people)
    OC 80's - $35-$50

    This new shit is out, called OPANA.
    It is litterally 2-3 times more potent than OC per MG and cheaper. Its a better high too.
    Super nods with an almost IV rush. (I've never IV'd but I've heard it feels similar.

    OPANA 30's came around at $20. It's like railing a little over an OC 80.
    No joke. I didn't believe it.

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