Anyone else grew up like this?

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  1. Now, that I'm older and actively interested in politics and global issues I realize how alone I am in the fact that I'm completely lacking the passion for the lingering intensity of the the issue of separation based race, creed, or religion. I never heard my parents say one racial slur if anything my parents spoke out to make sure that I wasn't racist.

    I really wasn't aware of how much hate people have stored up inside against another people. Educated people too, I feel like the higher level of education you reach the more ridiculous racism becomes, but even some of those with education on a much higher level then mine still hold these grudges.

    Btw, I'm white, if you were wondering and if it makes a difference.

    What I'm wondering is anyone else raised like I was? Free of prejudice and passing judgement on people for actions and words instead of stereotypes?
  2. Yep. I'm jewish and my brothers who we adopted are black.
  3. Well my parents never said anything but I realized everything that was going on racial from a young age. My Uncle and grandfather had no problem saying some "racial slurs" from time to time. Was hilarious really.
  4. I started school with kids of different color, I grew up loving them as humans, not as black, or Asian.
  5. I'm like that. I have caught myself using a serious racial slur every once in a blue moon, I won't lie, but overall I'm very accepting of all races and religions. I grew up with people of all races and for that I consider myself lucky.
  6. After prison it wa hard to shake the huge racial division and hatred that goes on inside

    I just stick to the guys I trust

    Color doesn't play a part of it..but as far as some random guy of a different race..yea I always seem to be cautious
  7. Born & raised in the melting pot state
  8. In my family if you aint white and protestant, we dont like you.
  9. honestly no.. my grandma raised me until i was 15 and she died and she was pretty racist against white people.. i mean she did grow up in bad times , rough times for her and her family due to white people and racism, so i guess i understand.. she was stuck in her ways tho..

    i grew up thinking for myself tho.. i got friends of every color.. some of the coolest, most down homies i got are white dudes.. i see people for who they are not what they are..
  10. Yup. My parents always taught me to treat everyone with respect and all that good stuff. We still crack MAD racist jokes though. If you didnt know us you'd think we were racist as hell
  11. Not only with racism, but how I looked at all of this is you can't make fun of someone for something the can't control, everything they can control you can make fun of them for it but if they have no control over it how's it their fault?
  12. Free from racial slurs?...I guess I I didn't grow up in a house free from racial slurs. My step dad(white, mentioning just in case it matters) was always talking shit about other races, mainly any race but black, due probably to the fact he was married to my mom(who is 3/4 black). But who knows, maybe he still talks shit about blacks just not when my mom was around. It's weird that he married my mom when he used to be a red neck(that's what my mom told me) and he has confederate flags all over the place. Trippy.

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