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Anyone else got this?

Discussion in 'General' started by SonicYouth, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. I was just wondering if anyone on here suffers from seasonal depression. I'm now realizing why I guess the winter is such a sad time for me. I've dealt with depression in the past, all year round for quite a while, and it was terrible. Then I met my boyfriend who took me out of that and for the last 2 years with him I've been really happy.. except when the weather turns to complete shit. I never really made the connection until this year that the weather is what seems to be bringing me more and more down. He still makes me extremely happy but I find myself getting a lot more sad then usual and having thoughts that I don't like to think of. And in Vancouver, BC, this weather is gonna be like this for a long time. I just really can't stand anyone except my boyfriend. I find myself being agrrivated by essentially everyone. Funny enough, mostly my 'closer' friends. Why are so many people so close-minded and immature? I can't stand it anymore. My friends see me as someone I'm not, and never seem to take me seriously... In high school I tolerated it, but now I'm getting so fed up with it. It's such a dilemma for me... I don't want to bitch them all out and then have hardy anyone in my life, but I find myself just having negative thoughts when I'm around them. I don't deserve to be treated like shit. It seems that the few friends of mine that I have that aren't as close with me are the ones I hold closer than my 'best' friends. I have a good time with them, I don't feel judged by them. They don't treat me like their last resort, or like I don't have feelings. Fuck people. I guess this post was just to rant.. I don't know. I'm so fed up with everyone.
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    Yes. I live in Alaska, which is one of the worst places to be if you do happen to be a victim of it.

    In the summer it's awesome, because we get light about 20 hours of the day... In the winter, not so much, because it's pitch black for about 20 hours of the day. Everyone I know finds it depressing, but some more than others.

    Not only is it constantly dark, but it's rainy, slushy, icy, snowy.. currently we've got over a foot of snow that's managed to freeze into ice in some places and slush in others, which makes running/jogging all but impossible.

    Anyways, only advice I have for you is to move to somewhere sunny and cheer up :) Oh, and to use paragraphs! Yay ^_^

    PS: To me, your issue sounds like a -bit- more than seasonal depression. Have you talked to anyone? Many places have sliding scale mental health clinics if money is an issue.
  3. why are you so afraid of ending up with only few friends? you don't enjoy the company of most of them anyway so why waste your time and theirs? I'd rather be alone than hang out with such people honestly.
  4. Omega fatty acids 3-6-9 fish oil capsules helps alot with depression. It has helped me alot, i highly recommend it.
  5. Depression sucks i got rid of that shit.
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    Well I mean, I only have a few real 'friends' as it is. I have people I'm fine talking to at parties and such but when it comes to people I'll hang out one on one with... there's not very many at all. This is more just an issue of being so sad about the world these days.. There's so much beauty in the world, but all that seems to be filling it these days is stupid stuff that doesn't matter on the media, and then other issues like shootings.. it's depressing. Maybe that's why I'm more happy in the sun. I can go on hikes and spend my time in nature, I'm just happier. I'm sure there's many people that feel the same as me, maybe I shouldn't have made the post.. haha. kind of pointless. I just was sad and felt like venting to someone.

    And to the guy above, well I wouldn't consider this anything too serious.. I've never considered suicide, it's not like I want to end my life, I just find myself so disappointed by people around me everyday and what's in the media and...ahhh everything.
  7. Well stop carrying the world on your shoulders then, the world has always been this way. But yeah the weather can be depressing too if you're used to outdoor activities so find a winter hobby. Your post is not pointless btw.

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