Anyone else getting tired of lyrics?

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by Sittycide75, Dec 24, 2002.

  1. At some point in the recent (last 3 years) past, I have almost exclusively bought music without lyrics, or at least cognisant lyrics (It started with Underworld, and Karl Hyde's stream-of-consciousness voice as an instrument).

    I feel like a good instrumental song (especially electronic) puts a certain color on a mood or discussion without forcing the artist's story or idea on the listener. The music is left to be interpreted by the audience as they choose. Sorta like classical music I guess...

    Some of my friends and my wife think my music is just weird.
  2. Yerrrrrrrr not alone.
  3. Yeah man!

    How's about the Dixie Dregs?

    Basically a guitar band that did'nt need a vocalist!

    My problem with what's being written now a days is it's sooooo angst ridden!

    There's so much more in the world to write about than anger and depression!

    Not that there are'nt some who do the anger and depression thing really well!
  4. sometimes I like the softer non lyric music to have as background music when I study or when I have a headache, or trying to sleep...lyrics seem to interfere with those things and Ive found music without the lyrics helps!
  5. It's not only electronic music that doesn't have lyrics...

    Orion by Metallica is one of my favourite instrumentals... nothing to do with the name really, but it's quite a spaced out piece of music.

    And I love classical music aswell. Mozart was a genius.
  6. If you are at all interested in a REALLY interesting musical experience check out the Orb. I just picked up their Auntie Aubrey Volume I CD, and it is a real buzz enhancer.

    I love music like this, because it just seems so compatible with the way that my mind is working when I'm high. I can honestly say that i get a kind of buzz even listening to it stone sober.

    My favorite Orb CD's are:

    Orbus Terrarum - My introduction to the Orb and will always be my favorite. Must listen to this on a summer evening with the windows open.

    Live 93
    Auntie Aubrey Vol I
    Pomme Fritz

    All the others are great too.
  7. i like ambience, athmospheric, classical, and some stuff that's just plain weird (Bjork for example)... but my all time fave music has to be hardcore. the guitars aren't always amazing, but the drums... omg... it's hard to find better drummers than you will in hXc. jesse smith for example. i have yet to find someone better. DL "Endure" and "At Zero" by Zao... those songs are mind blowing. (At Zero is pretty repetitive in the beginning... but afterwards there's this amazing series of rolls combined with insane double-bass).
  8. So right you are about being able to say something without words. It can say just aout whatever you want it to. Try something by The Mercury Program. They've got a relatively new album out called A Data Learn the Language. its their first try at an electronic album. They really nailed it. Its got so many layers. its really facinating.
  9. the string cheese incident and phish have great insturmentals
  10. word up

  11. Yeah actually, I'm listening to lincoln park and i think it'd be cool to hear it without lyrics. anyone know where i could download an mp3 of such one?
  12. Electronic music is Great!! abd there should not be singing whatsoever in there, bands like FLA, VNV nation etc. are using vocals and to me they just ruin the songs.

    Bands like scorn, venetian snares, psychedelic trance groups, don't need vocalists, lyrics suck ass 90% of the time.
  13. I was into Rock and Roll for a long time, and still am to some extent. But I am amazed at how much other music is out there if you broaden your horizons.

    I appreciate music like the Orb on a different level and in a different way than rock. And in way that I never could if I didn't smoke. They have entertained me many a smoke filled night.

    Plus, if you have a good stereo system, electronic music will put it through its paces like no other.
  14. Electronic music always seems to me to have this weird vibe to it...every time I hear songs like that it makes me...I dunno how to describe makes me kinda want to run away, you know what I mean? I dunno, maybe I'm just stupid..
  15. Don't know wgat you're talking about but I'd think the "vibe" you're talking about could be because Electroninc music is very "cold" when compared to Rokc music etc. I like it that way but there's very human electric music too... NINs Fragile is the ultimate smoke out record BTW. well not the ultimate but it's worth a spin or 500 spins, it opens up and grows with you and get's better and better all the time.
  16. no, it's a good makes me think of all the different places I'd like to hide..from's very strange, but good
  17. The best music without vocals:

    Bach - Toccata and Fugue in D minor
    Heitor Villa-Lobos - Douze etudes, Cinq Preludes, Suite Populaire Bresilienne
    Francisco Tarrega - Recuerdos de la Alhambra, Maria(Gavot)
    all but the bach are works for solo guitar. the best music ever written, in my opinion
  18. lets put it this way..I here alot of bitching at my job throughout the day.. sometimes it'd be nice if everybody shutup when im listening to some music :) haha
  19. ubik, never listened to my Fragile record while high, and now that I think about it, I really don't know why. It has some really intense beats that seem like they would be really trippy. Ill have to give it a go sometime
  20. It's not so much about the beats on that record but there's some crazy stuff that I didn't notice untill I listened "under the infulence" very relaxing lots of echoes and layered guitars and stuff the first track in the second CD is great!!! It's a ver ver mellow record....

    Hempress: oh you mean that "flying" feeling, I get that too sometimes once I was litening to massive attacks remix album Massive attack vs The amd professor, I just laid down on the floor with my eyes closed and really felt that I was like flying or something but electronic music is great when you're travelling really really fast like in a train or a car.

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