anyone else get on grasscity at the library?

Discussion in 'General' started by Full-Time Mexican, Jan 5, 2015.

  1. anyone? i only have access to a computer here at the public library. the dude i sat next to was like hey what website is that? GRASSCITY BITCH HEHEHE.
    just curious coz I wondered how many other blades do this.

  2. Dile a sacarse la verga!
    lol thanks
  4. Shit I get on GrassCity at work
  5. This is for real the thread topic?
  6. Is there a problem? I don't see YOU putting yourself out there, posting a topic on the internet
  7. No, no problem. I didn't mean to create any negativity. Perhaps only to suggest that the thread definitely corners a small and specific niche of people who go to libraries, don't read but browse GC, and want to discuss that act.

    I'm not ridiculing or throwing any hostility towards anyone.

    And sure I've posted topics. Here's one from 3 days ago.
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    That's quite possibly one of the most elegantly crafted ways of saying "this thread sucks" that I have ever read. LOTS of people browse GC at the library.
    I actually saw another dude browsing grasscity at the library recently. Me and him clicked REAL well and exchanged numbers, and we knew each other from the website. We now are the type of dudes to text each other "good morning" every once in a while, so I don't understand your line of thinking
  9. Haha, maybe. But we've been around long enough to know that everyday threads that actually suck come around. This one doesn't really suck its just a trivial and situational topic. At least he's not telling us about his laced weed and how marijuana "makes my brain not work good HELP"
  10. Naw I browse GC on my phone or tablet like 99% of the time

    I wouldn't even suck a dick in the library

  11. I should hope not. If you make sure you're quiet. People are trying to read Harry Potter.
  12. I dont think i've ever typed good morning to any guy friend of mine
    I guess im not that type of dude
  13. I do from time to time. Usually use my phone. Library blocks out a lot of stuff some times.
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    Uh, In what environment would you suck a dick?
  15. I'll go on GC anywhere. I am a mmj patient lol
  16. Absolutely
  17. I have indeed. At the college computer lab anyway not the library. So uh. Nevermind. No. I get on at work on my phone though. 
  18. Yeah, I have. Ive looked up grow info at the library. Probably a pretty dumb thing to do.
  19. This thread has BLOWN UP. There are many of us who aren't afraid to whip out grasscity wherever we go, and we have proved you wrong
  20. You might be on to something here. Some people did reply to it so perhaps I misjudged how good of a topic this was. I admit my thumb is definitely not on the pulse of the community sometimes.


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