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Anyone else get highest off joints?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MIkey_371, Aug 19, 2017.

  1. Out of everything i smoked joints always get me the highest. Blunts only give me a buzz no matter how many i smoke

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  2. bong snaps > all else
    also try backwoods if you aren't getting very high of blunts, I know zig zags barely give me a buzz but everything else is fine
  3. Edibles - Full on high. Different stone, full body & mind. (Great for getting some sleep.)
    Joints - Very high as f*@k. Old Skool is the best skool!
    Pipe - See above.
    Bongs - Don't use 'em.
    Blunts - Don't use 'em.
    Vape - Mellow high. Great for working or working out.
  4. Not highest, per se, but definitely up there. Pipe is still #1 for me in that department. Joints have always been a tricky issue when it comes to me because while I do get incredibly baked, I always feel bad about how much I'm wasting in the process. I might like it more if I had a consistent enough amount at all times to not think about that aspect.

  5. I have always found that bong hits have the greatest affect on me. One big one and I'm done. I really like joints but at the same time, I feel they are wasteful. I really like the flavor of blunts but there is rarely a time I need to smoke that much in one sitting or with a lot of people. I don't like sharing something with 20 peoples' lips slobbering all over it. Blunts get me super baked though. Most of the time I smoke a chillum.
  6. I'm an old joint guy.

    Had a bong back in the late '70s, it was the last time I used one. Now it's either caps or joints. :D
  7. What's a cap?
  8. It's a cone-shaped rolled marijuana cigarette
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  9. I usually get higher from joints because when I do smoke them i put 1.5gs+ where as when I smoke via my bong I use 0.2/0.3gs, heres a joint I rolled last weekend when I went to friends for a few drinks:smoke:
  10. Actually, by "cap" I meant a swallowed "capsule," meaning a capsule filled with cannabis oil.

    Although this is just a random Googled photo, mine look just like this:

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  11. Oh my bad

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