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Anyone else get booked on 420

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PuffDaddy420, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. This is my #1 post, and its a thread, sorry if i rant on blades. But me and my boy got caught on 420 , getting the last of the last minute bud. Our dude was lunching hardcore,( for those of yous who dont know what that means, he was taking a long ass time) . But as we were waiting on the dude, Out of all the dudes im with, I see two men walking in the distance. Legit they looked like they had just gone fishing. ( note we were somewhat near a major creek/river type thing) , they had the POILCE tag covered up i guess at first. They walked up from the street and i knew we were in trouble. They went up to us, threw my friend and i up againest a power box and searched us. We couldnt even say a word. My boy , we'll call him J had a jawstring bag on him, and he had two blunts i had rolled the day before i a glass like case all taped up. Of course he blames it on me like a dickhead. They found a pill on me that i was prescribed to ad everything but still brought me in because i didnt have it in the bottle. Smokeless 4/20. Life sucked balls. Now as im writing this , ive been on probation since august 20 and get off janurary 20th. For all of you who even risk at all getting caught. Dont be stupid, probation is the worst thing ever in the world. Thanks for taking the time to read my story, i know it was a rant , my badd.

    #1 Post !!!!!
  2. look at the bright side,, you proved marijuana is not addictive! and you didn't spend any money on weed in the past couple of months

    but I've never been busted, hope to never odd as it seems, growing your own can be safer than buying from people

    p.s. - in 10 years~ or so, marijuana WILL be legal...why? all of the greedy old people will be dead and their vote against it won't be there anymore! if it wasn't for the internet, marijuana would never be legal....thank the spread of info!
  3. Also, probation is far from the worse thing in the world haha, I found it to be quite the slide actually, aside from checking in with the stupid PO every night at 7 :[
  4. I have them monthly tests. But damn i got 48 hours of community service i still have to start.
  5. Why did they search you? It sounds like they just walked up to you and that's it.

    I'm confused
  6. They walked up to us, picked my friend up and threw him againest a power box and same with me , and started searching us. My badd for the confusion.
  7. What I'm confused of is why they searched you. What were you doing that warrented that search?

    If you were just standing or sitting there and they just walked up to you and started gropping you that's kinda messed up and I don't know why you let them.
  8. They just randonly did it, apparently , and i say APPARENTLY, according to the pigs, we were very suspicious. And we all didnt know what to do. First time experience with the popo. And i was also with 2 other people, not just one. My one boy J who had the bud on him got booked with me. My other boy E we were with, had basketball type shorts , and had them inside out so the pockets were inside his shorts. He had a lighter and like a gram on him, but noppppppe. Of course we get booked
  9. Note that i was 17 at the time, (bdays april 30th btw )
    So i was freaking out about parents but i was pretty chill
  10. You must live in a communist state or something.
  11. Pennsylvania, only state that wont pass medical laws :/ every state around us has medical but us.
  12. Not ny homie so don't feel to bad
  13. They threw you guys around like that? Sad to say but I bet you aren't white? That whole "you looked suspicious" bullshit seems to fly easier if the people they are profiling are of color
  14. Ahhhhhh no pennsylvania worst drug trap of a state one of my friends had been pulled over dog searched and luckily got away its he'll there where I am you get a ticket
  15. Nopee, im white lol aint that some horrible shit
  16. [quote name='"PuffDaddy420"']Nopee, im white lol aint that some horrible shit[/quote]

    It doesn't make it any more horrible than before, but it is surprising lol

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