Anyone else from Colorado?

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  1. new to grasscity from Colorado. This looks like a dope forum
  2. im from colorado, and yeah man this forum is the shit.

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    thanks and where in colorado r u? if u don't mind answering

    me southwestern colorado, Durango
  4. im in denver.

    are there a lot of dipsensaries in durango?
  5. yeah i,m from colorado 2 out in the sticks
    Craig. CO.
    what kinda buds u smokin in durango
  6. huuuuuroo der!
  7. reppin boulder!
  8. got some pretty dank shtuff down here, dispensaries outnumber liquor stores now, an my friend works for a caregiver that sells to the dispensaries so im pretty well set in terms of cheap dank bud :D soon i will get my card and just grow my own. i bet it just gets legalized in Colorado sooner or later though. glad to meet you guys, hows the bud everywhere else?
  9. im moving to denver soon to work at a 420 wellness if anyone has been thier :D?
  10. Yo! Just wanna say What up! I'm also new to GC, noticed the Colorado Rep. going down - South Denver here, much 303 love.
  11. i got a buddy in durango lookin for a doc... lil help

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