anyone else find smoking EXTREMELY sexy?

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  1. when I see a cute girl with a cig, or (even better) hitting the pipe, I find it to be a huge turn on. it signals that we have something in common from the start, and that she probably wouldn't be as likely to try to control my behavior (which I find to be a huge turn off). anyone else feel the same way?
  2. Nope. I hate kissing smokers. That's tobacco by the way, not ganja. It tastes terrible!
  3. pothead girls give me boners... tobacco smokers, are a MAJOR turn off
  4. A girl who can hit a bong like a champ?

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    I can see that, tobacco is definately an aquired taste, but there's just something about seeing a sexy girl blowing out a cloud of smoke, that just gets to me. IDK, what it is, but I'm sure that I'm in the minority on this one, but I'm sure that everyone on these boards finds stoner chicks to be a hugh turn on
  6. Im with ya OP. It just like adds another...'layer' to their personality lol. Idk I dont mind chicks who smoke cigs either why should i when i smoke em
  7. Yeah to hell with a cig smokin bitch...its the bitches that smoke blunts that turn me on!!!:cool:
  8. I do. I like smoke in general. Pipe tobacco, cigarette tobacco, ganja, and maybe a mixed blend is all i need, but it is nice to smoke with a lady.
  9. It's not that I don't like tobacco, I do on occasion. I love sitting down with a cigar and a good beer, I'm just not trying to kiss a girl right after she smokes a cigarette.
  10. if she smokes, she pokes
  11. trut badda

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