anyone else find it easier to talk to girls ...

Discussion in 'General' started by KushSmokaa, Mar 5, 2011.

  1. in person then through text/online?

    like me and this girl in my school hooked up a few times and even just sat and talked (in person) for a good 2 hours. but then i never have the balls to message her online cuz it seems so much harder to talk online.

    which is strange because everyone i talk to always says how its so easy to text but then have nothing to talk about in person.

    what are your guys thoughts on this?
  2. Couldn't agree more man. Talking to someone in person who you have chemistry with is the easiest thing in the world. Online/texting is just something you have to get used to doing though. Just send her a goodmorning text every so often, you will start a good conversation that way. Trust me

    Good luck
  3. yeah dude i agree.

    me and this girl literally sat on the street for 2 hours talking, i felt like i was 14 again.

    im really vibing her

    then when i get back to my friends house they were like what the fuck did you talk about for 2 hours and i really had no clue ...
  4. I am the exact opposite of that. I can talk to a girl for ever on facebook or msn. But in real life I find it a lot harder.
  5. yeah i figured alot of people are better at talking to girls online then in real life.

    but also weed kind of gives me more confidence.

    like im all flirty and not nervous. but maybe its cuz this girl and I had a past relationship and shes definitely still into me a little.

    also i walked her home after we chilled...bonus points? :yay:
  6. i find it a lot easier. just like in real life, i wait for people to talk to me first. people think i dont like them because of this,, i dunno why. im socially awkward ..

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