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Anyone else feel this way?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by -/-/eEd, Apr 30, 2004.

  1. ive been smoking for awhile now and i dont even really smoke for the high anymore. The high just really isnt that special after so many times.I pretty much smoke because i love the taste and smell of weed. I just really think of the high as an extra bonus.Anyone else like this?
  2. Nope. I enjoy them equally. Sometimes I'll whip out the gravity bong if I wanna get really off my ass really quick but for the most part I love both.

  3. After 25 years of tokin ,15 of them non stop, I guess the answer must be yes,I just smoke because I enjoy smoking.
  4. The high is the extra bonus?

    Isnt "the high" why we all smoke?
  5. because I LOVE THE HIGH

    I love every aspect of being high.
  6. I smoke because of the high. No other reason. When I stop experiencing the high then it's time to quit.
  7. well, i love smokeing it, i love feeling it, i love every thing about it
  8. I love everything about weed... taste, smell, high, the plant, the whole thing, everything. But I don't know what I would do if I was unable to get high anymore... what would be the point of growing/buying and smoking? It'd be like depression with no end.
  9. i smoke for the high
  10. Yeah, after a while, it does start to lose the magic it once held for you when you were a beginner... But after a while, it becomes something like baseball, a "national" pasttime. I love everything about weed now, the taste, the smell, breaking it up, rolling it... Just the acts of getting the weed and then finding a method to smoke is as great as the high is to me anymore. Sure, everyone loves getting high, but as with everything, there's only so many times you can do something until you have to find a deeper meaning in what you do to enjoy it as much as you used to.

    Try quitting or cutting back for a little once in a while... I find that when I do start smoking again after a break, whether it's a week or a month, the anticipation makes that first toke feel like an orgasm. :)
  11. I haven't been high in forever, but I've had pot since Thanksgiving. Went from smoking all day, every day, to smoking nothing in one night. It sucks, but it's not like I was getting high anyway. Just helped calm my anxious stomach, and clouded my overactive mind enough for sleep.

    So, it's time to clean up. I can't afford to buy it anymore, and in about 29 days I won't have a home. I'm going to spend the meantime working, exercising, and popping niacin. Who knows, maybe I'll get a new job?

    ...and hopefully my appetite returns.
  12. before i have smoked just to clear my head, i dont get high but its a little bit away from straight... ya know?? but i do smoke to get blazed, smells always nice and nice flavors make it just that much more enjoyable
  13. I love the high but I also really like the taste and smell and just the act of smoking. I wouldn't smoke if I didn't get high though. Not that I can smoke now anyway; I'm dry, broke and unemployed. (waits till friday)
  14. guys i love weed so much, but sometimes i hate being high i dont know some times i get too tired to even enjoy my high and most of the time im laughing my ass off. And after i smoke i feel "wierd" all day. I dont know man, im gonna go smoke a bowl ^.^ later lol
  15. i hear you on the "i feel weird all day". if i smoke in the day, my whole fucking day is shot. i dont get anything done and get real depressed.

    i will probably never again smoke during the day unless it is a special occasion. smoking at night, i have my fun, then i fall asleep and im perfect the next day.
  16. just the act of smoking is fun, and the high is too

    it depends on what time you smoke, cause if i smoke at like noon, it will be for the high (i will enjoy the high) but if i smoke at midnight or 1 am, it will mainly be just to smoke since i will fall asleep in a couple hours anyway.

    ive been stoned all day today though from 7 am to 9 pm (currently) and about ready to smoke another bowl
  17. i dunno, when is it not for the high ...if you didnt get high would you still smoke it just for smell and taste? ..i smoke cause its gets me high.... smell and taste dont really matter to me could smell like bananas and taste like toothpaste for all i care ..if i get stoned its fine by me...
  18. i smoke it everyday for almost 2 1/2 years now and i still get high its just not as super powerful as the first time i bet if i quit for a week it would be awsome again

  19. Not for $10 a gram...

    I love everything about weed. The rolling, the smoking, the taste...and soon to be, growing. Blunts though, thats where its at. Right after I got home from work today, I rolled up a nice little thin blunt, 0.5 grams. Just chilled in my garage with my radio puffin it, mmmmm strawberry, no better way to end a long day. Still nice and high right now.
  20. it finnally happened i smoked my last bowl. now im fucking dry with no so depressed lol, im gettin some this friday, wow a long way away.

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