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Anyone else feel the amount of strain names are getting silly.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Sir Tokes Alot, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. I think there are wayyyy too much named strains popping up. Honestly I like dank strains but the amount of names are getting ridiculous. Like the names are also a little bit silly on some strains like this shit called Durban Poison. That sounds like some Harry Potter shit not weed.
  2. It keeps things interesting. Plus a lot of them are legit strains.
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    I dont think its important about how many strain names there are.
    I actually like the names...its funny
    As long as its dank.
  4. Names pop up because new strands are being created. In this age of technology it is fairly easy to crossbreed strands and the grower can make up any name he wishes, so I'm guessing this is how those funny names come about. If your dealer is legit you shouldn't have to worry about bullshit names.
  5. Well, people keep creating new things, so its expected. Its always nice to get stuff youve never had before.
  6. Yeah I agree... some of the bigger names are still pretty legit, but a lot of the newer strains don't really seem to be any different than anything else I've smoked in the past... I think a lot of it is hype.
  7. cuz they mix strains like diesel and bublegum would be some dubleyum ya digg?
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    Its not a big deal. Most of the newer strain names will NOT be around very long. Just because their making a shit load of strains doesn't mean they will be used more/less.

    And strains like "Obama" and "Pink Pussy" will eventually die. The newer strains have trouble gaining a good reputation... I mean, how are they suppose to compete with shit like Northern Lights, G13, White Widow, etc.

    And not to mention most strain names are not real. Dealers will just make up a name like "Terminator" when its really White Widow. The name Terminator will be around for awhile, right until the dealer stops growing. After that there will never be a Terminator again. So the problem is fixing itself.
  9. Its annoying how many people just make up strain names for their bud.

    So in essence, you're right. It is silly bc I hear a new one every day
  10. I dunno. I mean just today I was sitting and thinking about this while toking on a bowlful of OG Manitoba Skunky Braincrusher x Obama Kush x Super Duper Purple Haze. The indica dominant variant not the sativa dominant one.


    I agree. So many strains are just slightly different phenotypes of existing strains. It has gotten a bit out of hand. You can buy the same strain seed from different seed banks and get slightly different genetics. The plant is highly variable in it's genetics.
  11. LOL the funny thing is, some people have posted that shit seriously
  12. Strain names are important in the world of MMJ and in other areas of cannaseurship. At my club I know that if I'm buying Afghani or LA Confidential, it's exactly that. My club also differentiates between different suppliers of strains, I don't just get OG Kush, I can get Deez OG Kush, or MD OG Kush - initials being the grower. Some are different than others.

    But I really like knowing exactly what I'm medicating with.

  13. Yes, but lots of cannabiniods as there are, there are only so many noticable diffrences.

    At this point, a lot of dank is exacly the same as a lot of other dank. There are a few real strains, that have been aroudn a long time and hopefully will be around a lot longer, like widow or AK, but most shit ONLY has phenotypical diffrences.
  14. when you can find a strain called "Stinky Pussy" i think things have gone too far..but they entertain me
  15. A lot the the growers make up hella names.
  16. I told JD I'd name my next strain 'GC Junkiedays'.
  17. I like names! I don't take them seriously because I don't have a connect that's good enough to consistently guarantee a named strain. Instead, I think of them as a fun way to refer to my current stash. Most of my pickups are no-name dank, so I like to give them names. I don't deal, so it's not like I'm bullshitting anybody.

    Some names that I've made up in the past
    -Cotton candy
    -Stanky skank
    -Clark kent
    -Schnicklefritz (this one's actually from pineapple express)
    -Fruity Pebbles name a few.
  18. Yeah it's straight to name your stash, but people really shouldn't make up fake names if they sellin it.
  19. Yeah I know man, it is slightly ridiculous. All these different names are just someone else lookin for a claim to fame, there's a lot of strains too similar to warrant classing them as different.

    Just so you know though Durban Poison is a very old and famous strain.
  20. New weed plants every day /crosses etc. = new names

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