Anyone else feel like youre the only one who has significantly changed (if you have)?

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    This is like a phenomenon to me. I feel as if I change so rapidly. I am never the same person, only partially and on a general level.
    When I occasionally meet up with acquaintances or old "friends" I haven't seen in a while, I feel like I am the only person who thinks and acts differently as opposed to the way I used to be in past relationships with these people.
    I guess one can never really tell if anyone else has changed, since you are not living in their heads, yet it feels to me that I actually express the change I have been through. A lot of people I used to hang out with or know from in high school are still the same immature, selfish people with the same habits, the same problems, and the same thick-skulled ideologies.

  2. Yea. I feel like im the only one whose really changed for better.

    I used to be super materialistic. And i thought i was better then everyone. I wouldnt even hang out with people who didnt have cash to blow.

    But after two months in county ive realized money isnt everything. Its still my drive. But it doesnt make me as happy as it did. Nothing really makes me happy anymore. So now im just trying to make enough money to change the world for the better.

    All my friends from high school are either still acting like kids. Strung out. Or aspiring drug dealers.
  3. I'm in the middle of changing from my high school ways and it's no doubt for the better. It does seem as though I'm the only one of my friends going through it, and maybe I am, but I'd imagine that they're all going through it in their own minds. In the end that's all it is, a mental change.
  4. Well my cousin thinks i'm "hiding" No i'm not hiding, how can I hide in my own home? Just because I've just started working doesn't mean I can't chill smoke a few joints with you. I just don't have the time like I use to, yYou have a baby on the way and you're still running the streets. If you see your little cousin working two jobs, grinding to get that paper, maybe you should do the same? We can't keep asking our Aunts and Uncles for a few dollars just so we can buy some weed and some beer. Dude, grow up.
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    Well, I'm not specifically referring to people who are still trapped in high school mentality. It was just an example, but it's even worse when there are those people who still hang out with kids from high school even though they graduated years ago. They graduated, for what reason, to come back? Gotta grow up at some point.
    A lot of my old friends are exactly the same. I feel like I'm an entirely different person altogether. Stronger physically, mentally, more prepared for life, confident, etc. I can go down the whole list. I graduated two years ago and within those two years I've changed so much, yet it seems like life is going by in slow motion for others - the people I used to hang out with fairly often. I'm tellin ya, its a personal phenomenon.
  6. my old friends from high school have turned into meatheads, now they think muscle definition is the ultimate judge of character... it's annoying as fuck, especially for a guy like me who's perfectly satisfied with my average, fairly athletic buid
  7. I'm always changing, always growing. If you don't grow every day then you are deteriorating. You have to improve yourself always, in some capacity. Lethargy is the antithesis of change. We need to move forward, like sharks, or we will die. Maybe not physically, but mentally and emotionally.
  8. I didn't really have too many friends when I was in school, and still don't too this day. I don't talk to anybody from my past really, but I'm sure everybody has changed, others, probably not so much.
  9. its called growth its a good thing 
  10. I feel like I'm changing, quicker than most and changing more than others. Especially how I think and the things that I want. I'm currently changing right now and I want to say I changed a few times since I got a job. I can tell people don't like the changes some of the time but I feel they are a self improvement changes now and people and friends either have to accept it or move on. I don't want to stay the same just because we are friends. If we are friends you would support change and maybe try to change and better yourself.
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    We lose about 40,000 cells every hour.   and every 7 years every cell in our body is replaced.   So we're always changing.    We're basically like a machine that is running with the memories of a person who has already died.   
    and then the buffer zones on both ends of your dna start to get smaller and smaller as time passes, and then cells are produced less accurately and we age, and our form dies and our atoms go on to be other things.
  13. I feel like the age zone from 18-23 is where people change the most. For many it is because they finally leave the nest and are able to explore who they really are and all that existential shit. High school represses that exploration because of the hierarchy within the school that everyone tries to abide to. Many people change themselves to fit the status quo. I'm 21 years old, and I don't even remember who I was when I graduated from high school.
    And lol @ the people who peaked in middle school and high school and are still living that life haaaaaah lame
  14. Yea my cousin peaked in hs. Apparently he was a cocky douche and his ways really havent changed. He treats family nicely but he thinks he's better than a lot of people. That kind of mentality so he doesnt have many good friends.

    And your right 18-23 people figure a lot out
  15. Alot of my friends didn't understand I have respect for reality. Alot of them of are in trouble and run from their problems, with that I don't give a fuck and yolo attitude. I recently got fucked by the law and can't smoke weed till next spring, so big reality T break for me.
    I've come a long way since high school. Now I'm on a mission to be financially independent and a better person overall. So I don't care if people call me paranoid or too careful, Ima do me. Even tho my friends taught me how to talk to girls and not be a pussy around them, I taken a step back. I still plan on livin my youth to the fullest.
  16. I've been thinking about this a lot actually. I graduated in '08 and moved back home about two years ago. I swear it's like a fucking highschool reunion every time I head out to a bar. Everyone still in their little clicks, reliving the same drama, sleeping around. Of course, there's always that moment were the one person who despised everything about you runs up and acts like everything was grand.

    Everyone's just so materialistic, and the conversations consist of nothing but shit. I guess that's why I'm considering moving out of state. Seems a bit drastic, but I just need a fresh start.

    I actually don't hang out with my old friends too often but when I do I really notice they haven't changed much.
    It feels like the world around me (well, within close social boundaries) is stagnant and I'm the only thing really changing.
  18. I understand completely. I think I talk to maybe one person I graduated highschool with. I went off to school four hours from home, come back and fell like everything and everyone is still in the same place.

    See, I'm not a big drinker so I don't really enjoy the going out thing. Every now and then I just want a nice brewski without all the stupid shit ha.

  19. When I finally accepted myself and realized that it's o.k. to be me, everything changed.  I no longer had a "terrible secret" to carry around.  It takes so much energy and wasted time to maintain a lie.  It was a long and difficult uphill battle but I finally found balance.  It was worth it.  
    The only way to truly love someone else is to learn to love yourself.  It might be a cliché but it doesn't make it any less true.  

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