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Anyone else feel like this when stoned ?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by TheRealCesarG, Jul 7, 2017.

  1. I come up with lots of ideas or thoughts when I'm high but i think of more ideas insanely fast so i can't write them down or think of them for long and they sometimes sound genius.

    I write some ideas down and I think it's because my mindset has always been make money go get money work. And I think of ideas that can likely make me make at least more than six figures a year and possibly in the 9 figure range.

    Sorry if this doesn't make sense but I'm really stoned and want your input on this. Anyone else feel like this when stoned?
    Oh ya I also tend to use more sofisticating words I just realized this right now I don't use any of the non basic words u just read.

    Also tend to write alot. As u can see
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  2. There's something you can do, which is writing every single thought that comes out from your head.

    It has a name but I can't remember, anyways, do it and check what you wrote when the high is gone.

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  3. man ive sorted out the worlds problems while out of it ,,,its normal to have these thoughts running though ya head ,,its a part of being stoned ,,even sorted out the universe and how it all started ,,,then next morning cant remember a thing ..i'd write it down but reckon it would spoil my train of thought ,,,,,,,mac,
  4. Lmao ya shit is crazy one of the reasons I love cannabis.

    Cheers !
  5. Yeah this happens to a lot of people. Especially with sativa dominant strains. Marijuana does give you inspiration and help you see/think of things differently. Don't feel bad man. This is why a lot of people naturally use it to unwind and before a big decision/event. It relaxes to. You are on the right path imo. The hardest part is remembering after you are high and writing can be a pain. I would recommend recording audio or video notes on your phone. It's better than just reading cause you can hear/see changes in voice and body language and better be able to tell what you were trying to say. Record yourself high more until you can remember without writing down even after you're done smoking...

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  6. I've always got incredibly good ideas for a tv show but my friend thinks I'd get sued ten seconds after airing it
  7. hellll yeah because weed gets that limbic system in action so the motor functions of your brain process shit faster. When you use your writing hand thoughts translate into words like magic and then you can look back and see what you were thinking, you know?
  8. If you have any kind of smart phone it should have some kind of voice recorder option use this and talk through your ideas
  9. Hahahah yeah okaayy go make that 9 figures. Lmao
  10. Yes, it's like you've discovered some leprechaun gold. Secrets of the universe...conversing with a magical d'jinn. All that jazz.

    Unfortunately, it is just that, it disappears when it has run its course.

    I remember a lot of my ideas and I've written a lot of them down, they still seem solid, it's just putting them into practice is the real challenge.

    I've concluded that there is indeed a profound inspiration taking place BUT you need a method to put it into practice. Like, if you were using a video camera and already had the editing skills/software, then you could put those ideas immediately into practice.

    Or if you were a musician, you would have a basis for putting this creativity into practice.

    My advice, is figure out what craft you can start from and then allow those ideas to spin that machine...THC is like rocket fuel...without a rocket to put it're kind of just releasing it into thin air. Or at least that's what it felt like for me in idea mode.

    I have had all the money ideas too...but I recognize that I have to start somewhere which is why I'm not smoking and attempting to set up a base to "blast off" from. Definitely challenging.
  11. McDonald's, burger king, in and out, taco Bell are all world wide restaurants. Food trucks have been shown to make up wards of half a million a year if successful. Anyone can do that. Now what stops me from doing that, but opening up maybe 10 trucks ? When I was 14 I was making money by selling furniture I got at low prices. I've always been a seller and it's no coincidence every person who created something that made billions started off a seller by heart and wanting to make money and I believe you can do something if u do the work and put ur heart in it. I know I'll never go broke because I have millions of options. I sell sneakers for a living been doing it 2 years made over 80k last year this year hasn't been as hot. And 80k is great for 17. (18 now)
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  12. Thanks for all the responses guys ! Glad I'm not alone.
    Also was Smoking on some Grand daddy purple if anyone was wondering
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  13. The best ideas are often the most simple solutions to easy life hacks. When you get that inventor mindset on stoned, utilizing your noggin starts with the motivation to get something accomplished you haven't yet thought of.

    The key here is believing you already know the answers to your questions and just having a brass brainstorm kick in...when you remember to record it at the time.

    I'm sure most genius writers, composers, musicians, politicians, artists and athletes have some kind of journal chronicalling their successes in life. You should too!
  14. That's a great idea. I might just have to do that after all I have lots of notes on ideas ranging from some kids tv show that I invisioned in my head when I was stoned after a 6 month tolerance break with tons of episode ideas to an invention that can revolutionize the world
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  15. Yes, I'm the exact same way. I've taken to either writing it down on paper if available/writing in my phones notes/having Siri take note of I'm alone. Works well, though half the time I don't understand the idea sober
  16. Wow same with me I get so stoned I can't write correctly or type correctly and it's just random words trying to describe a 10 sentence paragraph idea in 2 sentences
  17. I have a note from a really spacey night, all it says is "Have to hide a body." :laughing: I was with a less than desirable person at the time so....
  18. heh I have a folder on the notes on my phone called "highdeas" where if I think of something while high that I feel is worth writing down for later and I'll add it in there. I don't think I've done it more than like a couple times though.

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