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anyone else experience this?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by GKG HaZe, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. so its pretty clear by now that you can have visual distortions/hallucinations off weed, if you don't agree that's your loss..

    anyway me and 2 friends went to go see wiz and we vaped about 1g before the concert, then smoked 6j's during the concert, then vaped 1.5g after the drive home...i didnt get visual distortions until our second vape sesh, they came and it was pretty cool like always, but then all the sudden the normal distortions stopped and everything turned super defined and almost looked like a cartoon, it was really weird and my friend was also having the same experience and he described it as looking like we were in toy was pretty awesome

    anyone ever have a similar experience??
  2. you mean all of a sudden?

    And dicking aside, yes I have experienced this sorta thing before. Only at really high doses or when my tolerance is shot. Colors are intense and everything is really defined.
  3. I have! It was at night, and my cousin, my sister, and I smoked a blunt and we walked around for a bit, than we sat one of those big green electric boxes that power the houses and when we looked at the trees they morphed into cartoon characters! It was crazy, cool, and scary all at the same time:laughing: Glad to hear we aren't the only ones to see shit while high on herb xD
  4. I've had the cartoon effect hit me really hard in my backyard many times. The joys of smoking dank.
  5. yo i went to highschool with cam (wiz khalifa) thats whats up, 412 taylor allderdice reppin.

  6. relevance?

    and yea i've had this happen to me on a few occasions but I need to be ridiculously stoned.
  7. the dude said they all were getting blowed going to the wiz bro

  8. yeah i know exactly what you mean...dont even get me started on what my backyard looks like on shrooms...holy shit
  9. First time i smoked... exact same thing you described
  10. I remember stuff like that from years ago when I first started smoking. Remember looking up at the sky and it looked like the sky was full of planes of something.. I could tell I was just super stoned and it wasn't real, but was still a great first hallucination lol.

    Nowadays, my HPPD makes it so I have pretty minor visuals every time I smoke a lot of weed and sit around not really doing anything, like just listening to music or watching tv. Mostly just the walls look sorta bright and wavy but sometimes its really noticeable. Always enjoyable though. When I'm sober it's only noticeable when I'm trying to sleep and stuff, usually completely forget about it.
  11. Everytime I get really baked, cars start to look like this -.-


    I was kinda scared at first, but I'm use to it now.
  12. Got super high after a t-break milking my new percolator bong the other night, and I definitely had some visuals and had a constant soundtrack playing in my head.
  13. Ive experienced similar things only happens once im back from a t-break though...the one time that really sticks out was when I hadnt toked for two weeks and decided to hitup a dispensary that was opening near my house I got a gram of green queen and a gram of purple ak-47...smoked near all of it and cant describe how high I was, colors were bright and it took my like an hour to walk to the end of my street which should normally take like 5min lol

    As a side note it really annoys me when people say you cant have visual effects with cannabis, obviously the walls arent going to drip but it is totally possible to have visual and perceptual distortions
  14. Reading this makes me wish I had the ability to smoke.
  15. Yeah but i smoked serenity and the world looked like toy story.. And i thought i was trapped and could never leave. But thats jwh-018 which is a lot different than thc haha
  16. I know what you mean :) like one time back in the good ole days I was chilling on the floor looking up at my ceiling fan and all of a sudden I looks like a cartoon fan and next I'm imagining a tom from tom and jerry swinging from it! Still had my eyes open too. I was laughing so hard I swear I passed myself and couldn't breathe haha. vaped like 2g and smoked 1g out of my cousins bong after a year long T-break. Outta body shit.

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