Anyone else experiance this are to tell me why ior how i can?

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  1. When all the lights in my room are out, I feel like I can see in the dark (usually after I smoke but sometimes when im sober).

    It's like everything solid has a kind of glowing outline

    . I thought it might just be me remembering the layout but during the day everything has a sort of glowing outline.

    Does this happen with anyone else?
  2. i think i have something close to what you explained, i can see glowing or kind of a blurry border around objects in my room when its dark or getting dark. i usually don't see it during the day and i don't have eye problems so i don't know what it is.
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    This need not be in the philosophy section.

    First, there are a couple things you need to know. One is that even when it's "dark" to you, there is still some light around. The second is that light bends around corners. This is known as diffraction.
    ^Check out the small graphic on the bottom right hand of the page and you'll notice that the highest intensity of light occurs at the point right where it's passing the corner, but that there is still light that ends up quite a long way from the corner - it just tapers in intensity. This is responsible for the glowing effect.

    It's also important to understand that when you're in the dark, your eyes adjust to be as sensitive to light as possible. Your pupils dilate as wide as possible to look for any scraps of light they can snatch up. Thus, when you do see a light of decent intensity in this state, it doesn't look like normal light. It "glows" (or, if it's more powerful, "burns the fuck out of your eyes.")
  4. Yeah its nothing special, your no super hero.

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