Anyone else enjoying one of your BEST Highs?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by 420Danny, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. So i just finished maybe 3.7 g's and today has just been a REALLY great day for me. No drama no arguments. My family is happy and I have my dog laying down next to me.

    Anyone else just have a really good day that you can't help but just sit back and enjoy everything?

    Enjoying a great day and a Great site with Great people on it :) Have fun GC put on a smile :bongin:
  2. I got off work early today, came straight home, and rolled a joint.
    Today was a good day:D:smoking:
  3. I will tomorrow, im getting 5 g's of some strawberry cough, i haven't smoked in a week, and i plan to kill it all tomorrow. And my school is wrestling our rival for the confrence title, going to be a great match(I'm a little to into wrestling, don't have the grades to be on the team)i am so excited its going to be the best dau in a while. And friday i leave for vacation in the caribbean!!:hello:
  4. Haha I'm there with ya. Just enjoyin the herb. I basically have a smile stuck on my face haha.
  5. Haha the perma-grin.
    Oh and congrats on this thread being your 420th post.
  6. LUCKY, have fun man:D:bongin:
  7. Haha well that was a quick end to this thread haha

  8. hahahaha when i read that i pronouced that in my head as "your fourtwenty-ith post
  9. lol thats how its supposed to be pronounced... YOUNG MAN ARE YOU HIGH?!?!
  10. Imma try, i go there every year and i've never burned there before. I'm not sure where to get it there, but i remember when i was younger hearing people biking down the street asking if anyone wanted to buy any "lettuce":D
  11. hahaha lettuce is what my Buddy mike kim used to call bud haha
  12. Haha, damn arubans
  13. I was last night.

    I killed the last 2g's of my stash last night, i was cruising along in the clouds:smoking::smoking::D
  14. Just picked up some green crack and marble hash today. feelin fine
  15. yup, its all good in the hood.

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