Anyone else enjoy these kind of mornings?

Discussion in 'General' started by Stark, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. Those kind where you wake up at a good time (If you don't have to work) and you reach for the nearest bowl.

    Weather here is stormy, kinda sets a good atmosphere if you're just sitting in a closed area smokin a bowl and listening to the thunder.

    This isn't one of those typical wake-and-bakes, this is one of those "Good Mornings"

    Already cracked a brew for a lazy day.

    I'm ready :yay:
  2. Yeah stormy mornings with a fresh wake and bake are the best mornings. Get high watch the rain and listen to the thunder, it just set a calm that nothing else can accomplish.
  3. i love those kinda mornings! i had one just last friday. its like, every time i look outside im like "thank god im not out there". and rain is pretty cool when ure stoned, especially if u have trees to look at.
  4. :bongin:

    I'm having one of those mornings too...uh..well - afternoon - now, but still - its all good :D
  5. i dont usually wake n bake, but that sounds like a morning where i would consider it

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