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Anyone Else Enjoy Reading The Threads Of Super Stonned Kids Who....

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by KiiDCuDii, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. Have either what they think are genious ideas or.. who feel the need to ask dumb questions becuase there high and have nothing else to do!

    It seems everytime ive checked the forum you can ALWAYS find a couple of these stories and i love every single second of them hahaha

    Cats are silly as hell :laughing:
  2. oh shit! I think i just found one! haha ;)

    Just kidding man, I thought that was the only reason anyone every went on the "Apprentice Tokers" board anyway. lol
  3. Hahaha i figured i get someone to say that :p But idk im new here and when im zonned i just love this shit! Lmao
  4. aha I know what ya mean:smoke:
  5. Yeah I do, except when they're trying too hard :rolleyes:
  6. sounds like all the obnoxious shit my room mate describes when hes high. he once told me he was so high his heart was breaking.

    my reply: homo
  7. Almost as much as I enjoy threads about other threads.

  8. I see what you did there.
  9. [quote name='KiiDCuDii']Have either what they think are genious ideas

    I have genius ideas! Like real ones.
  10. [/quote]

    lets hear one :rolleyes: :p :smoke:
  11. werewolves from mexico....smuggling crack!!!
  12. Clothing with gold and silver threads woven into it. And maybe I will expand into platinum later. The company will be called Golden Grillz and we will market mainly to drug users and street thugs. And black people with money like from crack or legitimate businesses. And rappers.

    I will make millions. I will be like Ed Hardy.


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