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Anyone else drunk coz you're dry?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by fiasko, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. Man I hate being short of weed. So I mixed a few drinks and got wasted. I know I'll feel fucking terrible tomorrow, and if I could smoke a couple of bowls instead I'd feel fine. Sucks when you're dry and have no weed, and have to resort to something else to take the edge off. Anyone else in this position? Hoping to take a trip soon and hopefully score some dank. This place is dryer than a Dyson's dust cylinder. AGHHHH!
  2. i feel u man. sucks too because i dont really know too many people who can get me some weed. but maybe next week ill catch some stuff from a friend, we'll see :).
    edit: im also drinking whiskey and vodka tonight. drinking is nice too, but man it fucks wit your body.
  3. Exactly man, exactly. I want the high without all the calories / stomach / headache / junk that comes with alcohol. I've talked with everyone I can find in the area, and the consensus is the same: the weed here is shitty ditchweed (if you're lucky) or 150 mile drive to the decent stuff.

    Hope you get some good stuff from your friend.
  4. I'm waiting til Thanksgiving to get some bud, for a first super stoned thanksgiving, so meanwhile I'm makin screwdrivers chased by vodka shots chased by screwdrivers.
  5. [​IMG]

    i do the same thing
  6. Nah man i don't touch alcohol. If I'm dry, I'm dry. No big deal. If I really nert to, I just hit the empty bowl.

  7. So the vodka shots are just when you're too drunk to get the orange juice out of the fridge?! :hello:

    I'm downing white russians (vodka, Kalua and milk). I've loved them ever since I fell in love with the movie The Big Lebowski.
  8. Im not tryna hate but don't drink just because your dry.
  9. being drunk is fun too, the only problem is youre way dumber if you compare it to bud. if you smoke bud youre slow, but at least i am very "intelligent" so to say. sorry if it doesnt make that much, sense, i guess the whiskey got to me.
    lebowski is awesome btw
  10. This is called an addictive personality, and it's a bad habit to get into.

    I know because I used to do the same thing myself. Alcohol is very hard on your body, it's not worth it.
  11. yeah man, youre probably right. not to excuse my behaviour, but im usually not drinking anything alone.
    but addiction is kinda complicated, if you look at it closely, every thing you do every day could be some kind of emotional replacement for sth youre lacking.
    but you made a valid point. its not good to compensate. :)
  12. I agree, alcohol sucks ass. When I had a regular supply of bud I wouldn't drink at all, but I've resorted to it because of a lack of herb. That really sucks, and shows how fucking stupid the MJ laws are. I'm not a regular drinker (or a regular smoker, for that matter), but when you need a bit of relief, it's something. I hope that things will either get better here, so I don't feel the need to drink, or that I can get some bud, so I don't need to drink.

    I like to see the anti-alcohol sentiment on this thread, keeps me on track and reminds me not to take it too far. Thanks blades.
  13. totally. im always so surprised when my friends tell me how much they like alcohol. i mean its fun, but weed is just so much better on many levels.. its like youre not harming your body, but enhancing it. :D
    whatever, whining never got anyone anywhere. some bud would be awesome tho :D

  14. Well you don't need to do either. Exercising is a great way to relieve stress, and so much healthier.
  15. No, I don't really care for alcohol I don't need to be on something to get through the day

  16. Ah, feels good reading your posts man. Feel exactly the same way. Once I discovered weed, I didn't have much time for alcohol. EXCEPT when I'm dry. It really sucks when you have a rough day and don't have anything nice to smoke.

    I respect my body, eat right, exercise, hydrate, take vitamins, moisturise... and I feel that weed is an essential part of that regimen - that it enhances my body - that it is a nutrient - like the other organic, natural and unrefined products I make a specific attempt to consume.

    Makes me want to move to a remote location, live off the grid and farm my own vegetables, hemp, solar, wind and weed...
  17. Nah if I don't have weed, I dont smoke. No point in destroying valuable brain cells with alcohol. Not that self destructive tbh.
  18. It amuses me that everyone hates on alcohol, my father has been drinking regularly since high school, now he's no perfect man by a long shot, and he probably won't live as long (like the last 20 years are that much fun lol), but he has never missed a day of work because of drinking, he's never hit a woman while drunk, he's never brought harm to my family. He can handle his vice as well as his vice handles his stress, and that's what's important. Moderation isn't little to no drinking, moderation is being able to moderate your life's stresses and counter stresses in perfect harmony.

    So to all the alcohol haters, don't hate the tail that wags the dog so to speak.

  19. Nice quote man, I respect that.
  20. I love drinking. Love smokeing to. You just have to be cautious when drinking. Got to make sure you won't be getting sick.

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