Anyone else done with nightlife in general?

Discussion in 'The Great Indoors' started by Foood, Nov 23, 2018.

  1. Sup blades,

    been lately thinking that i’m a homebody these days and not interested in wining/dining bars and clubs. especially now that the silly season is on I dislike dangerous and drunk people who may or may not give you trouble. plus i’ve basically never forged a real friendship with anyone from a club. i think it’s important to have some fun but too much doesn’t build towards anything unless hedonism is meaningful to you. i love my dog, she’s always there for me and i like to make her life enjoyable.

    anyone else happily holed up?
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  2. I dont go to night clubs ect its full of nobs 90% of the time dont like alcohol and thst pretty much what uk nightlife is about. I stsy home watch netflix docs hang with mates and light one up.
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  3. Yup, mrs gone away for the weekend with the kids. I'm happy chilling at home infront of the woodburner with my dogs and cats curled up infront of it. I was a party animal when I was younger but now, I actually find drunk people quite intimidating. Maybe it's an age thing, I dunno but the thought of going into town with a load of piss heads makes my stomach turn.
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  4. ...and why not ..its winter you are old

    you may die of cold or worse meet someone new and change ya life bigtime

    but having got this far you need not risk your health or sanity

    besides another 300 plus oldies your age will die this month just in your neighborhood

    alone only to be found by the postie or some-such

    giving away by the smell of their lonely decaying bodies

    as for me I'm off to ball room dancing with a game of chess after

    yeah boring

    ps internet mates are 'real' mates yo
  5. No I am the same way to be honest. I'd rather spend a night at home blazing up while listening to some good music, reading a book, watching a movie or just hanging around on the GC (Grasscity) forums.
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  6. i spet my youth playing in punk clubs and hitch hiking the americas. im 34, married, work 8-4 (hvac, so OT is always there) and tired. i quit drinking heavily along time ago. all my friends work night jobs and dont wanna hang out till midnight when im about to go to bed. im comfortable with my lifestyle choice.

    plus i have a hot wife who's dope as shit. im good with what i got. i already lived a full life, now im ready to chill and take it easy.
  7. I went from partying at least 3 times a week in college, to once a week immediately after college, then eventually down to only once a month. Now, I'm at about about 4-5 times per year lol.

    It's good to just go out and hit the nightlife sometimes, even in moderation.
  8. I prefer to go get 2-3 beers early so I beat the crowd and cops home by 9 when I do go out
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  9. My friend, there is no better feeling in the world than getting out of the game and just staying home with a spouse. But to all single people, a best buddy is just as good.
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  10. Only time I go out is for live music (which is rare) or sometimes NYE and the 4th of July.
  11. I quit booze in 1990. My trips to taverns and bars ended as well.
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  12. Im such a homebody! Lol good food, stoned as fuck, comfy couch and a movie!

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  13. although I’m only 20, I’ve just been eating sleeping & working. Got my dog and I’m good to go.

    I do dearly regret not living my life to the fullest in my prime and going to do more things.
    Now I’m have a child on the way with my girlfriend of one year :smoking:

    Enjoy the fun, freedom & simplicity while it lasts man - you never know when it’ll end :pimp:
  14. Well yea, I’m 20, I’m only done with it for now. I’m just trying to do better, I got lost in “the nightlife” pretty bad and hit rock bottom. I even stopped smoking for a while to pick myself back up. I realize that I’m still super young and If I work hard now, even if I hadn’t in the past, my future self with be partying hard and thanking myself for it.
    But being a homebody isn’t bad either. It’s cool just smoking, watching a movie and chilling with your pet

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