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Anyone else cut J's with green tea?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by carrborolive, May 27, 2010.

  1. I do it, but then again i don't have some super tasting bud so i don't mind losing taste. It helps me conserve big time and I find t'baccy too harsh.

    One love.
  2. Er, I'm a bit confused here.

    Adding tea to your green helps with the end result(getting high)!?

    If you have some killer bud and want to conserve it, just put less in the bowl, or buy a vape. Why taint it with anything, unless it adds to the overall end result.
  3. it doesn't help at all. it is just filler so i can enjoy the novelty of a rolled cig and use less weed since it burns slow and lets me hit at leisure.
  4. should this thread really be in seasoned tokers?

  5. nope.

  6. The purpose was to assay if any other "seasoned tokers" practice this doing. Considering I do, just thought others might.

    one love.
  7. Whats the purpose?
    I don't understand.
    I'd rather just roll up a fatass joint full of dank..
    not dank and green tea..
    That sounds disgusting, why don't you just go ahead and throw some fucking cat nip in your j and go to town.
  8. You my friend are in need of a serious "Tea-Break" *snickers*
  9. no way man tea gets you sooooo high man..... lol
  10. What a shame. Thought this forum was chill.
  11. I understand what your saying. Ive never tried green tea as a filler for a joint, but i do use AVB. Which makes it taste better IMO. I normally hate rolling anyway but lately its just been easier.
  12. Yo whats with all the people flaming this guy?

    I have done this plenty of times, it just adds a lil flavor to the hit and saves a bit of bud.... rolled blunts with tea, even a PINCH of tea in a bowl, like I mean a pinch, and a lil dab of tabacco, that right there will have your head spinning, while tasting great.

    But I don't do this anymore, maybe If I start to run short on bud, but tbh the way things are going I don't think I'll be smoking anything but the pure greens!
  13. hahahaha

    i loled.
  14. It normally is i just dont think people understood that you are trying to conserve weed so you are using Green tea as a filler to fill up more space in your J. I personally use Duff which is what we call Vaped weed where i live.
  15. what the fuck you lace you weed with fucking green tea? what the fuck? dude no. just no. and get the fuck out of seasoned tokers
  16. I've done this twice. i don't smoke j's often, and i was coming down from a high. i just felt lke smoking a j outside, so i rolled one with tea. worst experience of my life. if you wanna conserve, vape, or just smoke little bowls. if you vaped the same amount of weed you ptu into a cut joint, you would be through the roof.

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