Anyone else cook high?

Discussion in 'The Great Indoors' started by Agovita, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. I come up some fantastical creations when I'm baked in the kitchen!

    I just made a Parmesan, Romano, Asiago, Mozzarella, Cheddar, jalapeno, pepperoni, and pineapple calzone all wrapped in a garlic, herb and cheese crust, stuffed with mozzarella around the outside.

    What's everyone else eating tonight?

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  2. Well yesterday, grilled/baked a flyed chicken breast, with lemon herb, and 2 cobs of sweet corn from the farmers market!
    Tonight, simple, heaping bowl of Cereal, blueberry clusters by kashi amazing... hopefully thats cooking...
  3. YES!
    I come up with good recipes high.
    Steak marinated in A-1 and Worchestire (sp?), and garlic salt.

    Or chicken over rice.
    Simmer a sauce with balsamic vineger, honey, a little olive oil, and basil (dried or fresh leaves broken into small pieces. Put on chicken and rice.
    Om nom nom.
  4. I love cooking new things when im high. Made some angel hair pasta with pesto and chicken last night. not my best creastion but not bad.
  5. I only cook simple things like mac and cheese and stuff. Everything else is too much work and when I have the munchies I want something I can make quick.
  6. I can cook pop corn or a hot pocket, everything else takes to long haha
  7. YEAH. I want food NOW, not in 30 minutes or longer!
  8. alright if you are gonna post foods you ate, please post guides.

    op my god how can you torture me with that pic and description. holy fuck me sideways
  9. Fuck yeah! best shit ever.
  10. I get high and cook all day when im at work
  11. Of course! I always turn the stove on high when I cook.
  12. I cook high every night.

    Last night I made homemade tomato soup with garlic croutons. Sorry... no photo.
  13. Today I made spinach-ricotta ravioli with broccoli. I also pan-fried tofu with garlic onion and pepper, then added it all together and added pesto. While on WEED!

  14. I usually put everything I have to eat in one meal
    First I imagine if all parts would go together and in which row i'm putting it in the meal
    and then I make the most ridiculous meals, but they always taste perfect at the time
  15. I like to start preparing a curry or stew, then get high while it's simmering. Works out nicely :D
  16. im "making" a pizza...
  17. Thats the only time I would ever cook:)
  18. Omg, yes, I make soup, cookies, pies, anything, really! I'm focused on soups and fish right now- recently had some wine poached salmon. YUMM. Cooking high is fun, as long you're not so baked you're spilling things left and right. That'd be bad.
  19. Haha, I agree. I don't let my roomate/girlfriend cook high, cuz she becomes a hazard. Spills, burns, messes, afraid she'll cut herself... lol.

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