Anyone else check out the latest glasscity pieces?

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  1. GlassCity - Stemless 7mm Glass Ice Bong - Triple Perc - SNOB Glass/GlassCity Collab -

    GlassCity - Double Bubble - Scientific Glass Bubbler -

    I'm so curious as to how people go about making bongs and such.

    The blaze version stemless bong version is about 75 bucks MORE and is 2mm thiner than the glasscity one, yet its the exact design.

    150 bucks is out of this worked though. Can't wait to see how much money I got come 4/20

    And the bubbler is awesome. Its a ws copy but at least we know its better made, with better glass. And I love that the downstem is gridded.

    Any thoughts guys?
  2. Is it just me or do both of the percs in that bong look uneven?

    And if that bubbler had the same kind of showerhead in the second chamber i would probably buy it lol
  3. ^^ I see that
  4. Cheers.....that SNOB looks great at a great price!!! SORRY Kliff but im thinking this one might not last till 4/20 .....
    dubb bubb looks official just wish there were ice pinches and a wider stand or even if it stood straighter.........any word if there are getting the 5 arm diffy that goes inside the Bubbalicous??
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    Dang and I had to pay $200 after discount for my unworked Blaze.

    You are getting a better this:


    That double bubbler looks awesome too though.
  6. I was wondering the same thing but since glasscity is GC own brand I think they set the price to 1+ blaze

    I love the double bubbler even without the circ in the second chamber, Im gonna try to pick it up for the 4/20 sale.

    kinda skeptical on the 10 arm tho from the pictures the arms are definitely slightly crooked but who knows maybe it's just that one. Im really impressed with Glasscity & if a fellow blade does a review and their dope ill pick both of em up!

    maybe they'll come out with an nice ashcatcher next?
  7. Very nice GC!!
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    The pictures that GC used for the stemless 10arm/circ make it look super fucking janky, uneven arms and that diffused piece is horribly crooked. I hope they all don't look like that.
    Also, the bubbler would be cool if it had better diffusion in the second chamber, rather than a single hole. I'd consider these to be pretty weak, but if you're looking to get one I'd say go for the stemless, maybe you'll get a legitimate one.

    Edit: Seeing that uneven glass reminds me of my GC x SNOB bubbler, the mouthpiece is slightly slanted. The arms seem perfect though, quality piece.
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    True, the pictures are not flattering.

    But the price is.

    I find those flaws to be acceptable for a 7mm thick, double chamber stemless bong

    for 150 bucks.

    If it cost 800 dollars like a Toro would be priced. yeah, I'd have something to say lol.
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  11. What I can say is that, originally the glasscity line was supposed to be comprised of high quality production pieces at very aggressive prices.

    When they started working with Snob he made a bunch of originals.

    That piece didn't really fit into their plans.

    So what did happen was, a production version of the piece was made.

    And a one of a kind piece was by Hans as well. (these are made to order. So he individualizes each)

    So theres the 1000 dollar version, and the 150 dollar version.

    Now the best of both worlds are available.

    you can get a 1 of a kind piece of art.

    Or you can get a well made production piece with a unheard of price.
  12. That tube is such a steal for 150...I'm definitely interested.
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    GlassCity seems to have potential but its like they don't want to achieve their full potential.

    Why make a dubbler if the 2nd chamber is hardly gonna do anything? (I also HATE those stupid fucking slanted bases.
    No fucking clue why Luke Wilson made his bubs that way, no fucking clue why GC would either.
    Looks dumber imo and if you set it down for a milk vid, it won't function at full potential. Even SG did bubs that way, I don't fucking get it unless its a stability thing. /end rant)

    Why work with Hans if someone with his experience still churns out crooked percs? Certainly NOT ok by me since they aren't 7mm, just like its not ok for Toro to do crooked trees.
    Why use unflattering pictures to promote your product?
    Why are the trees STILL not reinforced?

    Decent pieces, good prices, yeh, I wouldn't buy though.

    Kliff, I await your rebuttal in defense of GC.
  14. Man I've always wondered the same thing about those slanted bases...
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    I agree ^_^

    Except that Han's doesn't make the tubes, production workers do. Its just his design.

    Thats why they come out not perfect.

    Is that acceptable?

    Up to you decide. what is acceptable for 150 bucks?

    The pictures on the other hand, should be re-done with a more flattering tube.

    So yeah, my butt is inline with your butt.

    Mines shipping out monday, so we will see what they look like in person when I get it.

    And I dont care about slanted bases >_____________>

    I just don't understand why they used WeedStars double bubble design.

    Although for me, I dont have my double bubble anymore, so it is nice to know there are more well constructed versions available.
  16. Prices up already. 169 for the tube.
  17. Lol watch it go up to 250.
  18. I woke up and clicked a link and found that beautiful stemless tube and fell in love. I hope it lasts long enough until the 4/20 sale... And doesn't go up in price any more too! When someone gets this piece let us all know how it is and maybe upload their own pictures to see if all of the trees are crooked like in their pictures. That was the only turn off to me on this piece. :(
  19. I would have loved the double bubbler if the 2nd perc wasn't just a straw.

    They could have raised the price a little and easily make the 2nd perc with some slits...

    Other than that.. seems like a good piece for only $100 that you you can take on-the-go and not be too sad if you break it.
  20. Let me just belay my review unto you fine fellows.


    I received this piece on Friday but didn't realize until the morn of Saturday. I have been in the market for nice glass bong for a few months now. I was very intrigued with the bong from the first time I saw it. I was so surprised by its affordability that I assumed there was an error in pricing (considering that the bubblicious bong is the same price for a whole lot less intricacy. I started ripping at around 10 AM to clear the hangover from the night before. Me and my friends stone at least a few times every day during the week, and a few times every hour on weekends.

    I had no trouble filling the bong, but I did have to wash it out once prior to christening to eradicate the powdery substance on the inner wall of the tube. Next I assumed an immobile position and rested the bong in my lap. With a bowl of lemon diesel, a beautiful piece of glass, and a stoner's mentality I cleared my first hit. A shiver chilled my spine and I realized the jackpot I had stumbled upon. I passed the glorious twenty incher to a pal who was feeling quite shitty from the night before. He refused to smoke, but after a cold shower and a pulled trigger he was a bit less opposed. I convinced him to take a nice half hit, which he proceeded to do. The point of it was simply for him to experiment with the piece and comprehend its power. He didn't plan on getting high because he told his 11 year old brother he would bring him to the hunger games. Five minutes later he was laughing uncontrollably. He completely cured the hangover by this point.

    Quick Note - This bad ass bong is so damn remarkable that it sold in a week. I hope it restocks for the entirety of glass-connoisseurs who missed out on the rage.

    -20" Tall
    -7mm Thick High-Grade Schott-Duran glass (One of the most crucial perks)
    -Stemless 18.8mm socket with worked black and orange glass bowl (Pretty deep, medium sized)
    -Diffused stem (w/ sealed end) to 10-arm percolator to 21-Slit UFO Percolator (black and orange worked)
    -Engraved logo (2mm deep, is a cool addition)
    -Stable 4" Base (Very sturdy feeling)
    -Easy to clean considering it's only one big piece and a bowl.

    -Hard to get water to stay in the UFO perc area (Yet a mild amount of inhalation will insure that the water rises into the UFO area).
    -Without an ashcatcher anything you pull through will remain in the stem and percolator area).
    -The bowl fits rather loosely into the joint.

    This bong is a definite buy. The pictures do a pretty fair job of representing the bong, and the percolators are absolutely straight so don't continue hating. I'm really looking forward to more pieces from Glasscity.

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