Anyone else catch Steve Harvey making an ass of himself on CNN?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Deleted member 95373, May 30, 2009.

  1. Well I was flipping through and I saw Steve Harvey come up on CNN on Larry King Live(some chick was in his place tonight), anyway they start talking about religion and atheism and Harvey just starts saying how he doesn't even want to talk to people that don't believe in God. How there HAS TO BE a God and anything else is just foolishness and stupidity.

    Now I know not all people of religion think like that, and I know not all atheists think that in reverse... but why is he so strong in his conviction? Why are others so strong in theirs? What is it about the subject of God that makes people go nuts? It seems when it comes to religion/God/spirituality that there are a larger number of people that just say MY WAY IS RIGHT AND NO OTHER WAY IS POSSIBLE. Why is this still perpetuated?

    I have a bunch of thoughts on God(Religion I don't care much for), but I always leave room for doubt in my mind since I obviously can't know for sure. But why is it that people feel the need to block out every option besides the one they've chosen? It would seem to me that if this was anything else that it would be intelligent to keep your options open so why are people so close minded in this one area?

    This is something that was probably posted a million times but its a question on my mind at the moment, what about this makes people shut off to anything else in your opinion... and also why is it that almost EVERYONE(be it atheists or religious people) thinks they know better than everyone else?
  2. Congratulations. You just summed up all forms of religion, right there.
  3. People think they need a God-centric spirituality in order to find meaning in their lives. They are blinded by the fear of existing without the assurance of God in the back of their minds. They deny reason and critical thinking to the problem and just become stubborn or go into denial regarding their beliefs. But I don't think one necessarily needs God in order to be spiritually aware and peaceful. It doesn't matter if God created the universe or not: that does not change the fact that the universe is the way that it is. The universe itself a fascinating, mindboggling, infinitely complex and beautiful thing to the human mind, and that understanding alone is enough to satisfy one's spiritual desires. As far as fear of death is concerned, well, people wouldn't be so damn afraid of death if they knew how to feel alive in the first place..
  4. You answered your own question.
  5. I agree with what I think you're trying to say here... too many people aren't content with simply not knowing. They can't accept that they will never truly know for certain whether or not God exists, so they subconsciously and/or blindly just pick a side. It's a need to feel a sense of purpose, an explanation of why we are here. In my opinion, this is why atheism is basically just another religion.... there's still some amount of faith required. Atheists assume that just because they aren't capable of finding physical evidence for the existence of a god, one must not exist. How is this any different from a Christian assuming that the Bible is the true word of God? To me, it's not.

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