Anyone else can't stand drake?

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  1. Drake and ymcmb are the biggest fakes in music industry. Check the bolded part

    Just bought my *****s some cane, so much it came with a plane
    Bought my *****s some dope, so much it came with a boat

    I just bought me a crib so big it came with a moat
    For *****s jumping the fence I hope you *****s can float
    And I just hope that I'm forgiven for carin' 'bout how they livin'
    And loanin a little money and keepin' 'em out of prison
    I ain't lyin' in my verses I'm just telling you the basics
    Of growin' up with your friends and becoming the one that made it, yes lord!
    All gold, man I got these bitches soul
    Talkin' bout these other rappers getting old is even getting old
    Worrying about your followers, you need to get your dollars up
    Me and Meek, young *****s poppin' like our collars up
    And good ain't good enough, and your hood ain't hood enough
    Spent my whole life putting on, you spend your whole life putting up
    Ain't no telling when I go, so there ain't shit that I'mma wait for
    I'm the type to say a prayer, then go get what I just prayed for

    P.S. Lil wayne raps about killing people and the only person he has ever shot is himself
  2. Drake could be dope if he wanted to.

    Like he says

    "i dont make music for *****s who dont get pussy, so those are the ones i count on diss and overlook me"

    Hes selling out tho, atleast he keeps it like 80% real unlike most rappers are at about 10% lol
  3. i never cared for drake....i mean he's a Canadian Jew right???
    Shouldn't he be a pill popping accountant or something?
  4. He's pretty obnoxious, his adidas commercial makes me want to punch things...
  5. he just fucking sucks.
  6. I hate rap. But Drake is alright. At least he's not as bad as fucking big sean. Lamest fucking rapper ever.

    who the fuck says "boi" and gets famous for it.

  7. just cuz someone doesnt like drake dont mean they dont get ne pussy, it just means they noticed he sux
  8. yeah im ok with drake but what I hate the most in the rap industry is young money! cant do it
  9. I actually hated drake before i listened into his albums. now ima big fan. that mothafucka seriously needs somebody to write lyrics for his ass tho. but i do take back what i said about him. most my friends think the same as i used to and you.
    Hes got real talent he just needs to get away from the superficial shit and talk real.
    I like his soul(ish) songs. really gets a girl going ya know'

  10. Nah man some of his joints where he just straight flows he kills it

    Say whats real
    9am in dallas
    Ignorant shit

    Im giving him credit for it cuz most rappers when they get big could give a fuck about dropping some straight rappity rap shit to appease hardcore heads
  11. Some tracks off Comeback Season and So Far Gone were nice. I don't care for his most recent work.

    [ame=]Between Us Ft. Slakah The Beatchild (Prod. Hazel) - Drake - YouTube[/ame]
  12. yeah how old are all those songs tho, drake is hardly a rapper anymore so i dont see why people call him one or expect him to do that
  13. If my name was Aubrey I'd call myself Drake also.

    But, seriously, I liked Drake better when he was Jimmy.
  14. Drake is hard.

    Every rapper got some drug dealer homies they loan money to.

    Lil' Wayne has goons that kill people. You don't think Birdman and Slim are real thugs? Lol...
  15. Gangsters trying to be rappers and rappers trying to be gangsters is the problem with today's music

  16. True.
    But most gangsters turn rappers. Rappers trying to be gangsters are fake, there are still some real lyricist holding it down though.
  17. I don't listen to him, I prefer my rap not broken out in song
  18. Nobody is worse than soulja boy..just sayin

  19. That was an epic line right there bro just straight THE TITS lol

    I also don't like like him but it's cause he's mainstream it's the fact he's a fact person how do you go to be the sensitive girl lover and hurt guy to a a hard "gangsta" guy cause in some songs he's that lover and the other time he's just like everyone else that's being a fake person and more of just a tool that writes songs to get money

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