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Anyone else can't quit smoking the ganja?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by leodicapario, May 10, 2019.

  1. I'm a medical user for bipolar disorder firstly,, not in any friendly state,, when i try and stop my mood is just horrible and I crave it pretty hard.. It almost reminds me of the feeling i got from cigarettes the want to quit and kind of hating the smoking,, im burned out on it... i got good weed im just not as into it as i used to be it seems. Anyone else feel this way or in the same situation? I dont want to quit but sometimes i think about and worry about not being able to sleep at night, dreading running out of herbs although im not enjoying it as much anymore...
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  2. I can't quit either. I don't want to quit, but I get what you mean. I'd just have to run out and not be able to get more cannabis to quit. I have bipolar, too, and it helps my mood. My wife encourages me to smoke- she says I'm more fun. I'm reminded of the song lyrics "you call it a problem, I call it a solution.". So I guess I'm saying I don't quit because I don't have to though I wish I could manage a good tolerance break. My tolerance is through the roof and I barely catch a buzz, but smoking scratches an itch. Oh, yeah, illegal state here, too. Good luck, mate.
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  3. yeah its become more of scratching an itch lately and im just im just sick of it sometimes. I just smoked and I definately not as high as i used to get too lol..
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  4. I'm almost embarrassed to admit I have no trouble stopping. I can dose multiple times daily for months and when it's time for a break I just don't take any. I have a little trouble sleeping the first night but unlike with some addicting drugs (like nicotine) when I stop I don't even think about it during the day. Sometimes it'll be bedtime before I think about for the first time that day.
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  5. Fuck going without weed.. I use it daily for pain I get so if I wasn't using weed I'd be hooked on pharmaceuticals:confused_2:
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  6. If it wasnt for my nicotine vape it'd be the first thing on my mind, and sometimes is, and im feeling kinda trapped and addicted lol ive depended on it hardcore.
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  7. well im on those too didnt wanna bring it up.
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  8. I understand, I've been addicted to every drug known to man. The only way to stop is to stop today, don't wait until tomorrow or you'll never stop.
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  9. the problem is I don't think I can lol I've got killer insomnia.
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  10. Maybe start by cutting back. Just do a little before bed to help you sleep. And transition from there.
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  11. Know the feeling.....not that im bipolar .
    But I'm always angry...except when I smoke ....tried stopping...until my miss told me to smoke more

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  12. #12 kothique, Jun 5, 2019
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    I use kratom to quit. Not really quit, just make a big pause to learn smoking sparsely. The main reason is constant blazing worsens my social anxiety. I was smoking constantly (about 1g of buds or equal emount of shitty hash or little less of good ice-o-later in the later period) for some 2 years. I would get extremlly crappy withdrawals when couldn't afford or find some, especially psychologically. First time I took kratom for first 7-8 days for withdrawals (once every 3-4 hours during first three of them), in total not smoking for about 2.5 weeks in total. The main thing is using kratom to feel well and have motivation to do something: working, doing a hobby, learning something new, anything that makes you feel more content with your life overall. So your energy won't be blocked and many syptoms wouldn't happen at all.Then I had a fight with my gf and smoked for about a week. Stopping the same way for a second time I needed to take kratom for first 3-4 days. Some time later it happened again :# Then I was taking it for about the same period of time, but my general psychological condition was a lot better. So every time it's easier and addiction decreases. I meditate almost every day and took Cohoba a pair of times to help me let go of my suppressed emotions so that I need to smoke less and eventually none at all. After every Cohoba ceremony I felt better. Preparing for Ayahuasca now. I take about 700-1000mg of kratom every time. Also my food is mostly raw vegan, so my dose tends to be much less than that for most peope. It's better not to take kratom with ganja to prevent addiction to kratom and further one to weed :icgreen: Try to follow more alkaline diet, eat more raw fruit, berries and vegetables, and take alkaline baths to clean your body from shit absorbed by your lungs from smoke. Exercising is a good idea. Kratom will make getting off your arse much easier. Try to take kratom as little as possible. I would get a stronger dose to relax sometimes, yet most of the times I used green and white strains or took smaller doses of red ones to do the things I mentioned. Kratom withdrawal is much worse so be careful with it. Don't buy extracts and shit like that. Hope this helps :passing-joint: P.S. didn't read the thread :love-m3j:

    Just read you have bipolar disorder. So kratom shouldn't cause problems If you don't use it for more than a few days in a row. Anyway be extra careful if you'll ever try.
  13. Reads like weak self control and you are among a majority. Eat too much too often or unhealthy food, play video games endlessly, sex esp self pleasuring and porn, social media posting, tv and movies, etc. There are a list of things people in this era become excessive about.

    I'm at the other end of the self control Bell Curve. Today is day 2 of my current t-break after smoking 3 days and expect to smoke tomorrow that is about the shortest t-break I usually do. 3 or 4 days is the longest number of consecutive days I have smoked over the last couple years as I do not like tolerance build up while greatly valuing a strong high after my body chemistry has normalized. 4 days t-break is noticeably better and a full week noticeably better than 4 days and I often do more given a reason like an upcoming rock concert. I don't smoke to relieve pain or sleep but rather for fun and excitement of increased sensual awareness.

    The first thing I will ask is stop using any other medicines/drugs? Alcohol, medicines, rec drugs, caffeine? And then recommend stop taking all that stuff in order for your body to gradually bring itself back to normal equilibrium balance. The only drug I use is cannabis. Drank 3 beers the last half year and never have caffeinated drinks. It will also help to normalize your body by sleeping normal hours and eating at regular times of the day and never within 3 hours of night sleeping. By taking a tolerance break you will allow your neurotransmitter levels to rebuild back up at your synaptic gaps so when you resume smoking again the THC will have more neurotransmitters and CB1/2 keying sites to operate on. That is why resuming smoking again can be so wonderful. Otherwise you are tolerance depleted.

    The other part of success is to replace pot smoking with another more healthy activity. Otherwise if all a person does and thinks about is drinking alcohol, simply taking a break won't last because their lives are empty and boring.
  14. Just smoke on special occasions nd at night before u go to sleep
  15. Everytime ive smoked daily for more than 2 months straight i find it incredibly hard to quit and get bad withdrawals can't sleep at all,racing mind, panic attacks... i have quit multiple times and its like this for me everytime idk why.
  16. I find it easy to quit. I've stopped for years at a time with no withdrawals or problems. It's harder to quit drinking coffee (for me).

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