Anyone Else Burn A Lot Of Incense In Thier House//////??

Discussion in 'General' started by chicken, Jul 22, 2007.

  1. i got incense going all the time,,,, i got some sticks the size of your little finger....

    you can walk in here and it smells like insense,, and i aint burnt one for a day or 2 .... am i the only one ??? because non of my friends do this,,,

    how about my blades,,,, do youll light up the magic stick????
  2. Yeah I burn incense. The house smells great, and everyone enjoys the smells. What's your favorite type/scent?
  3. I burn at least 1 stick a day in my room(Nag Champa). Rest of the house is shared so I keep it upstairs. It smells like a headshop up here :)
  4. i light one up for every sesh. also keep em in the bathroom.
  5. i dont really have a favorite,,,, i'll light the first one i grab..... i got a tall jar full of them,,,,, they are so mixed,,,,, i dont even know what the name of it is when im lighting it.....

    its a bachelour thing you digg
  6. ladies also dig scented candles but theyre alittle more pricey

    I burn incense but not enough so my whole house knows im burning them
  7. i would but my parents are "ellergic it incense" (bullshit!!!) so only when they're not here i burn incence (i only have one half-burnt cone. quite pathetic if you ask me)
  8. Yeh, more often that not I got incense going.
  9. I got the sickest incense burner. It has a skeleton on one side and then a skull on the other and you put the stick in the skull's mouth and it holds in up. The sides are made with bones, and they did a sick job painting it.
  10. Yeah, I burn em often. Nag Champa are my favorite but there's a incense factory near me that makes some damn fine other scents too :)
  11. I do quite a bit. Coconut and Perfume of Ancient Times are my favorites.
  12. No. For some reason, most incense reminds me of the smell of cracksmoke.
  13. I burn it on occasion, my mother cant breath around smoke so its rare.

  14. I bought a 500g box of Nag at a local headshop for $25 bucks. Doesn't even say how many sticks are in it, but it's somewhere between 300 and 400 or so. Less than 10 cents a stick!

    So yeah, I burn at least one a day. :)
  15. i just finished one off,,,, i was out on my new motorcycle and seen these girls that live around me,,,, i beeped the horn at them,,, come home lit up a stick,,,,,, and they showed up at my door,,,,, just as i was getting on the city,,,,

    i had to log off, for a bit,,,,,, one of them has some tits,,,,, that makes feel like a newborn baby. you digg!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. yeah i burn nag champa all the time but my favorites are Diana of the Forest and Sea of Tranquility by Essential Essences. Its a shame that no headshops around here carry it. Theres a few wicka and earth magic shops around town i haven't tried yet, worth a look.
  17. My favorite is "Super Hit" it comes in a black box with Indian stuff all over it, and its made by some company that makes Nag Champa in the blue box. It's really great
  18. Is nag champa really as good as everyone says it is?
  19. I use to burn incense all the time. I don't anymore cause my house is pretty breezy, and it blows the dust everywhere.

    I liked opium and vanilla the best.
  20. i didnt think i was the only one in the world,,, that burned the hell out of some insense...

    thinks for making me feel normal!

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