anyone else believe in the ancient astronaut theory? (ancient aliens)

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  1. i love watching ancient aliens and although there is a lot of dumb things said on the show i still believe in the basic idea of the theory. anyone else believe this? im seeing a Giorgio Tsoukalos lecture in philly on thursday so its been on my mind lately.
  2. It is an.interesting hypothesis but nothing more.

    There is no reason to out any faith into the idea. Not unless we find something really solid like if we found the arch and it really was a nuclear reactor.or something
  3. Idk trips me just thinking about it . Realtalk though me and my dad & I'm sure other people saw a ufo when I was like 10 prolly at nightime going home I think it was in chino or ontario cuz I lived both places I just forget which but it was sooo close like not that much higher than apt buildings it was circular and I can remember forsure it hsd green & red circular lights on it ... so I know for a fact aliens are real unless it was a secret govt aircraft but I doubt it
  4. It was a secret govt aircraft.

    When I was a teenager I believed the astronaut theory but than Graham Hancock blew both my mind AND ass away.
  5. the ancient astronaut theories make a lot more sense than most superstitions, but i still doubt that we've been visited. the same math that makes aliens seem like they should be everywhere kinda makes it really difficult for them to cross the vastness of space, at least with our current understanding of things.
  6. That sighting by the Mexican-o Air Force was damn convincing...most legit Ive seen....They followed them in their jets for awhile...saying WTF is this...and radioing such to the ground, etc...

    Even if there are matter unless they show themselves...and they are probably too smart to get mixed up with the human race...haha
  7. i am going to have to read this book. hopefully they sell it a barnes and noble because i dont really like buying shit on the internet. the book does look interesting though. im willing to give any idea a shot.
  8. I have read 2 von dannikens. Well listened, is amazing

    Back to topic, yes I do I believe our religious scripts are misinterpertations to what really happened.
  9. It is a fun little story I must admit. I definitely think there are aliens out there, only thing is I don't think we will ever meet any. We will all just exist in our seperate galaxy's and star systems unaware of each others presence, a real pity.

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