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Anyone else add everclear to there cannabutter?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by AgentGreenn, Apr 28, 2016.

  1. In my most recent experiment I added 6 softgel lecithin tabs to about 2 tablespoons of butter with about 3 grams of high grade dank and added honestly not sure on the exact amount but it was prob max 5ml of everclear 190 proof to the jar did two washes bud was decarbed before hand now I did two washes only because I did them in small time intervals of about 4 hours each second wash was with fresh butter to add to volume without loosing potency gonna bake it into something tomorrow night just not sure exactly what I'm gonna make out of it I'll be posting pics of it tonight it is in the freezer now while I'm at work

    But let me hear you thoughts on using alcohol in cannabutter extactions
  2. Interesting. High Times recently compared/contrasted four methods making cannabutter. One method was called "The Scientific Method" and called for lightly spaying the decarbed and cooled cannabis with EC. The EC supposedly began to break down the plant material allowing for easier extraction of thc. I don't understand exactly what you did. Your washes were with butter?
  3. Yes but added EC tovthe butter while cooking to aid in extraction
  4. I'm anxious to hear your results! Enjoy!
  5. I will post pics later on I might try it out tonight on some toast or something
  6. That's the same principal as a solvent transfer, Joker. The EC extracts the cannabinoids quicker, like a Green Dragon then as it evaporates it will leave the cannabinoids in the butter. It's not quite as efficient due to what is left behind but with doing that again with fresh butter and EC, some of that is recovered. The second "wash" is reusing the material from the first extraction.

    It's actually a good tip for those who make butter by cooking the material in a crockpot or other device and it will definitely increase the potency of the butter without affecting the consistency of the it and 151 is a viable option to 190 proof alcohol. The alcohol should be added and mixed with the material before adding the butter to allow it time to extract the oil before the hot butter evaporates it..

    I've seen the method around for quite a while. :)
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  7. Very well put! This is the after math of both washes looks beautiful!

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  8. Can liquid lecithin work? I have a huge bottle of it
  9. I don't believe it matters as long as it's soy lecithin I've heard people using granual using powder and using liquid and gel caps so deff give it a go!

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