anyone else about to get high RIGHT now?

Discussion in 'General' started by whitekush, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. i'm rolling as we speak.
  2. i jus smoked a bowl...packed another and im bout to
  3. what a bummer man, if i was rollin id be doing way cooler shit than posting on an online forum.
  4. I was about to smoke a joint outside on my dock, but guests are now coming over so that plan is fucked.

    Smoke it for me
  5. Maybe he just gets way more weed than you so it's not a big deal :cool:.

    I'm in the process of finishing the second bowl, then it's off to the pet store for some cockatiel food :rolleyes:.
  6. OP is high on ecstacy..and being high on E and sittin on a forum is pretty lame IMO.

  7. doesn't rolling mean he's on E?

    maybe im wrong
  8. i didnt know that's what that meant?

    i meant rolling a J.. lol
  9. ^^^ That's what I assumed, which is actually weird becuase I most often hear "rolling" when refering to E as well. I was accidentally right lol :cool:.
  10. i'm already 3 bowls deep son, catch up and cut the mustard
  11. He's rolling a blunt. Lol he would barley be able to type if he was actually rolling face.
  12. This is classic grassity I love these thread starts of misinterpriTATION.. :laughing: :bolt:

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