Anyone drive a Mitsubishi eclipse or own one?

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  1. Hey guys I've been looking at eclipses lately and I really like them, so I was wondering if anyone here owns one or used to own one and could tell me how they liked it, decent gas, and other stuff, oh and I'd putting subs in it would that be a good idea.
  2. I have one that I bought used about a year ago and it works really really nice. It gets good gas mileage but the only problem I had was the previous sound system was broken so I had to unscrew the passenger seat and reach under the rug and take out the amp and rewire it to the back. It was a bit of work but works fine now:D.
  3. Cool I've been browsing teh interwebs looking at them and they're really cheap even the new models the only bad thing so far is the back seat like can't hold more than one person? Is it true that it's really cramped?
  4. If you get a first or second gen, you will become a good mechanic. Aways happens with DSM.

    the 3rd and 4th gen are super lame chick cars.
  5. They suck. Sorry.

    [Edit] At least the '01 models do.
  6. It's a girls car, man. Sorry
  7. They just plain fall apart. The engines are shite past 80K, and the coachwork falls apart faster than you can keep the fucking rattle trap stuck together. They are good looking designs, but poorly executed.

    And yeah, they are total chick cars.
  8. Ok well nvm haha what about BMW 328is I really like those and was looking at 2001 or 2000 models those any good?
  9. E46? they are good, with the right maitenance they can get 200.000miles... but they are a little expensive to buy (because they are good?!) and they are expensive when something breaks...
  10. 1. Are you a female?

    2. Why the fuck would you want an Eclipse? lol
  11. because its a pretty name. duh
  12. I'd own a 2nd gen Eclipse GSX in a second. See how 'girly' it is with a couple grand in minor work.
  13. yea it would be off the chart girly then dude
  14. :laughing:

    12s in a basically stock 2L car is soooo girly.
  15. If care about power at all then go with a manual GST or GSX. Otherwise you're wasting your money.
  16. [ame=""][/ame]

    Eclipses are girls cars? Shut the fuck up.
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    It would hit 12s with over 6k in mods maybe but it would still be a crankwalking girls car
  18. Oh look, someone who doesn't actually know anything about building 4G63s spewing the same tired shit that ever DSM hater does.

    It would take less than 6k including the cost of car to put a stock one deep in the 12s.

  19. Backseats are absolutely cramped

  20. Pretty sure if I was to take out all the seats except the driver seat in my minivan, I could pull 12s. Just saying.
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