anyone done coke at school?

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  1. only done coke twice and once was in the bathroom at school before a chemistry test (ironic no?) to say the least i was fucking hyper and twitchy and kept sniffing really blatanlty according to my friend. I enjoy coke but i can see the ease that i could slip into doing just once a month then once a week than once a day to full blown coke head. its just to easy to slip into a habit with that shit imho. but if you can handle it who am i to judge...
  2. yeah, it seems stupid because a friend should be able to give me a ride, right? where i live is about a 10 minute drive from my school. doesn't seem very long but i'm relatively far compared to my friends so shit never works out :( fuck having no wheels
  3. Very true.
  4. last year on the last day of school me and 2 of my budies drank a bottle of promethazine with codeine syrup and split a quater of shrooms before we went to school, we were sooooo fucked up it was crazy. one of my friends ended up not even going to school cause he was to fucked up. but anyways longstory short we made it half way through then we got really sketched out and went to out cars and peaced. we got suspended for the first 2 days of school this year for it. prob the most fun iv ever had at school until i got super sketched out.
  5. i overdosed one day i popped 8 vicodin, 6 cyclobenzaprines, 4 valiums and smoked a blunt. i dont remember what happened after the blunt but everyone told me i almost died. they were throwing bicycles at me to keep me awake.
  6. Last year I had a little bit left from a ball, like 3 lines or so, I snorted them in the bathroom because I didn't want to carry it around with me then licked the bag, I was paranoid as hell doing it cause people kept coming in. I was pretty numb and ready to go before basketball time.
  7. Do it, but don't keep it on you.
  8. +rep
    This is how i always feel :(
    I cant go to school or do anything unless high. It's pathetic, but hey, its how i roll.
  9. Just remember your eyes are gonna be fucked. Pupils will be all fucked.
  10. Ye man it aint nething great. Dealing with school reallybaked is harder lol.

  11. oh shit i forgot about that.. hmmm

  12. Agreed/agreed.

    Teachers and school pigs are probably LOOKING for that and with i sniff your guilty. booze is probly the last thing id wana do at school except like boomers or pcp.

    I went to school liquored up once and it was because i was getting wasted the night before.
  13. golden grain at fun i didn't get caught tho :) (only did it once) i drank like 1/3 of a 16oz water bottle..(easy to sneak in since were allowed water) went into the bathroom broke out the grain and some orange juice from the cafeteria to chase..and bam..and the class i was in was a computer class, teacher was chill..but i kept it cool :D
  14. "Some things mix together well, some don't.

    Nature + Drugs = Fucking awesome
    School + Drugs = Not so much"
  15. at my HS there used to be this indian kid named Onan the Snowman who sold coke and a couple of my friends railed in the bathroom with him. smoking anything in school is just retarted and drinking is not as dumb but pretty close. i havnt seen anyone busted for drinking but a few people get caught smoking weed often. only drug iv ever dosed IN school was 60mgs of adderal and that was amazing with work. snorting is the safest in school but your fucked if you get busted with any of it. if your a chick just put it in between your tits

  16. yup, thats what i had to do with my weed once
  17. Back in Junior year I had this super chill art teacher, We'd do lines of e, OCs, ritalin, and shit and just chill in class. She'd let us out of class and we'd smoke joints outside of the side doors.

    Looking back, I was retarded in highschool.

  18. lol i love art teachers. she used to do shrooms with my friends mom and i always throw in some shrooms in my art just cuz she makes comments that back up her history. i also do drawings/paintings about LSD, DMT, and other contravercial substances and she loves it
  19. Lawls Roll.
  20. When I was still in high-school, we used to go fucked up everyday. Not kidding, my senior year I was not sober for the whole entire year, whether it was just smokin' buds, drinkin, trippin', or blowin', we were doing something.

    I walked into my senior banquet, DRUNK off my ass. I wasn't being a dick-head about it, I'm smarter than that and feared being caught.
    Of course, they pull two 'random' people to breathalize, and I was one of them.
    It didn't tell you how drunk you were, it was one of those that you either blew Green, Yellow, Red.
    Green you're sober, Yellow buzzed, Red and you're cocked.
    Our school-cop and the Principal took us aside, and made us blow.


    I told him it was my mouthwash, and I should have another chance.


    They looked me into the eye, and said listen. We should kick you out and suspend you RIGHT ON THE SPOT, but we're not going to.
    IF I hear ONE complaint, or witness any 'monkey business' from the two of you, you're out. DON'T fuck it up.

    Then they walked away.
    I had ins with my Principal and the School resource officer.
    I caught the principal putting a dip in, while sitting in his office. So I mean it's not really blackmail, because I never bring it up.
    He knows I know, I know he knows I know. that's a lot of knowing, jesus I need to settle down with this yay.

    Sorry, I got side-track. But I got very lucky.

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