anyone done coke at school?

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  1. juuust wondering your thoughts on this. a couple of my friends are thinking of doing this sometime this week at school and they invited me, but i just dont think its a good idea. especially considering ive only done it once before. what do you think? :D
  2. Back in HS. Everything cept shrooms. I got straight A's.
  3. i did coke a couple times in the bathroo/ back of class in HS, was pretty chill, everyone at my school would alays bbe fucked up everyhting during classexept achohal (hella brethalizers tehre)
  4. man when i did shrooms two days in a row it waz crazy when i was peaking
    i was trying to do the work but i couldnt read past the first sentence i tried like
    12 times
  5. do ittt, have fun:smoking:
  6. yeah, in art class(at this cont. school i went to), railed OC, coke, used to smoke cigs and joints right out the backdoor, fucking awesome hippy art teacher.
  7. just make sure you got a look out dont want certain people hearing loud snorting in the stalls lol
  8. opiates are better in school IMO, but hey, it'll be a good time. :hello::hello::hello:
  9. man there was a period where i wouldnt go to school without somthing to use first. There was like a 2 week stent me and a friend would smoke opium in the bathroom on the daily, blow it through a toilet paper roll stuffed with tissue, spray a bunch of cologne or somthing and leave our pipes on a ledge of the underside of the heater in the large stall.

    We were high, and presumable innocent because we often had nothing on us and used different bathrooms most everyday.

    EDIT: ^^ wurd to above post.
  10. one day i took like 5 vicodins 2 tramadols and 2 valiums shit was crazy chill :)
  11. haha ok good, im just not sure how it will affect me because the first time i did like 2 tiny little lines, basically nothing. and this time my friend and i are sharing a flap, but were both pretty tiny haha. should be a good time though, im pumped
  12. my friend ODed on tramadol in school a month ago. lol. do it, dude. should be high for a whole period. just don't go around acting like hot shit and bragging.
  13. all the time!

  14. oh no man, im not like that. people CANT know what were doing, i dont want people thinking im some "cokewhore" lol
  15. Never brought drugs to high school.

    Of course after high school all the students would go over to my house to purchase whatever party favors they needed.:eek: (I of course no longer do this as I've grown up and found more lucrative and less risky ways to make money)

    I did risky shit when I was in HS but bring my stash(s) to school was something that was an unnecessary risk, I could just wait.
  16. ive smoked weed (and cigarettes) and drank at school multiple times, but coke is just a whole new level, yknow? you just cant get caught with it
  17. the only reason i have ever brought things to school was because i couldn't/can't get a ride home and back to wherever i need to bring my shit. that's true though.. what's the point of bringing your stash to school besides selling? alot of people just want to act cool and look big.
  18. Never dealed at school. Was asked to, but I lived down the street, so I would just tell folks if they want the quality I had they could wait. And they did,

    I know what you mean though, if you can't get back home that just sucks. I also had shit stashed at 3 or 4 buddies houses for such occasions (weekends staying the night at friends, no ride home, no car)
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    i remember this 1 time i lit up a about a 1/3 of blunt i had left over from blazing at the bus stop

    my retarded as decides since nobody is around and its in the gym bathroom and everybody else was in the gym i lit it up and smoked damn near the whole thing until everybody started coming back into the locker/bathroom

    i had to eat the fuckin lit roach and flush my lighter lol

    i did get caught cuz of the smell but they could only suspend for 2 days since they had no proof :D

    usually you get expelled for fuckin stems and seeds

    it was hilarious sitting in the principles office obviously blazed, and with nothing on me i felt lke i owned that bitch hahah
  20. alcohol and school is just retarded. i would choose fucking with coke in school over alcohol any day. coke is easy, up the nose and bam you're good. no smell, no residue with a good wipe of the table and you're set. alcohol is too messy, being drunk is extremely obvious (buzzes are different. don't get'em twisted), and empty bottles are a bitch

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