anyone doing/smoking the rox strain?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by pothead72, Mar 30, 2006.

  1. i'm growing some rox, has anyone else grown
    this strain?if so, how was it? heavy or light noots?
    and the yield? i'm about to go into flowering!!!!!!!!
  2. No idea man, never heard of it.

    It's always good to start light on nutes, slighty uping the dose every other week.

    The average pot plant yeilds an ounce, give or take some weight.

    What kind of light are you using? Nutes? Pot size? Soil? (If not hydro)

    But it's probably the only 'rox' I'd ever smoke :D
  3. i'm using a 400w mh for veg then a 400w hps for flowering, in 1and 2 gal pots.
    this is my 4th garden, and NO selling!:D i'm smokin my strawberry cough till
    these are done. also i've done lowryder, all my little projects come out awesome.
    all totally organic.
  4. I did this outside in a shaded area.

    I did organic soil. I had used it starting with veg. Rox can soak up nutrients in general, but it goes into hyper drive while flowering.

    Though this plant is mold resistant, it can get mold. So take a close look at the buds each morning.

    I harvested when amber hairs appeared/ I harvested when hairs turned amber in color.

    I couldn't overdose Rox (while flowering), and I tried.

    Oh yeah it was in a 5 gallon plant sack.

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