Anyone do Martial arts?

Discussion in 'General' started by tommy chong, Jul 1, 2004.

  1. I've been doing Ju Jitsu for about 4/5 years now, and i'm getting pretty good at it. I've also been learning kung fu for a few months, so what about you crazy cats?
  2. Haha we once got to do tae kwondo for school P.E. Was definitly one of the better lessons we had. Ive forgotten basically all of it now.
  3. I took akido for awhile. Wish I still was taking it, but it's a pretty far drive.
  4. Ahhh... When I was still young (I'm 50 now;)) I practised Kenwa Kai Karate for a few years. I quit when I was a blue belt because I couldn't combine it with my work anymore. (too many injuries - sick leave...LOL)
  5. i havent redlly done any of that stuff. i did a little tiny bit when i was in the 2nd grade or so.... for about 2 days....then i quit, i couldnt balance on one leg and it pissed me the fuck off!

  6. LOL sounds like an episone of dragon ball z to me........
  7. i did kick boxing for a while when i was a kid

  8. i train in muay thai, i wanna learn brazilian ju jitsu next
  9. i wanna learn the art of columbian drug lord.....
  10. I did judo for 2 years when I was younger. I ended up quiting for work but I'd love to do more martial arts some day.

  11. I want to learn both of those.

    What I need to do it move to a city that has a large amount of martial art dojo's
  12. i used to take ishin ru with my dad but we quit when the dojo stopped teaching that and switched to kickboxing
    i can still use my sais and nunchukas pretty well but i lost most of the punching form
  13. ^^^^
    wow, i have some nunchakus, but i can't use them as well as i'd like to, you'll have to train me one day :D

    muay thai, hmm never heard of that, is it a form of another martial art, like kung fu? I don't know much about brazilian ju jitsu, but i do know that you use your knees etc a lot (which looses a lot of finesse :p)
    Kung Fu is really difficult to teach, but quite easy to learn, my friend only teaches me so much, i get a lot of knowledge from fung fu films, hahahahahaha.
  14. Muay Thai aka thai-boxing is the original form of kick-boxing as we know today. It's kinda rough; no protection except gloves, and knees and elbows to the head are allowed.

    BTW tommy chong, no offense but your name sounds like a seventies kung fu moviestar to me... LOL!

  15. ^^^
    haha, him and cheech were actualy 70's pot smokers, an absaloute legend.(just whatch up in smoke)

  16. muay thai is a kickboxing art from thailand. knees, elbows, are all allowed. brazilian ju jitsu is all about ground fighting (not knees). submissions n shit like that. it basically comes from traditional japanese ju jitsu, with some more modern shit thrown in.

    I met tommy chong before! at a headshop here in edmonton , which is tommys hometown

  17. hmmm, sounds interesting, the ju jitsu i do teaches defences from a lot of modern situations, like guns, chains, knives, swords. I'll have to check it out

    Wow, i want to shake your hand man.
  18. i took takewondo once... lol for 3 month .... wasnt for me ;) pecea.....
  19. I started taking taekwondo when i was 5 or 6 and shortly thereafter took up japanese style karate. I kept at it for the next fifteen years and won medals at my state regionals and got a gold in the florida nationals. Along the way i mixed things up by learning modern boxing as well as taking and teaching some kungfu. At the time i moved and stopped attending the dojo I was teaching a class varying in size from 10-30 people. Fun stuff.
  20. ^^^
    wow pretty hardcore man, what style of kung fu did you do?

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