Anyone collect ancient coins?

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    Well, I don't necessarily "collect" them. I just bought 3 uncleaned ancient Roman coins from e-bay. This means what it says - they were dug up, roughly sorted out for the gold and silver ones, and then shipped out to buyers like me.

    1 of them looks like a slug - a lot of dirt and no features.

    Another one is coming along - on the back I see a circle with a cross going through it.

    But the third one is coming out real nice. The reason I made this thread is to maybe shed some light on who the ruler was and perhaps get somewhat of an ID on the coin.

    Here's a few pics of the nice-looking coin. I have given it a few more cleans since the following picture. I'll keep updating it if there is interest in this thread.

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  2. Circa 1823-1872 Indian Head 50 cent coin. Stop washing it immediately. It detracts from the value a LOT. Right now in that condition it 's worth about 5-7 thousand retail, so you can get about 4 for it at auction. Grats man, those are rare as hell.
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  8. lol, nice. I was googleing the hell outa your first post there. I was ready to call BS... I was like there is no way a guy on a weed forum ID'ed and appraised an old coin, from that picture, in like 6 minutes.

    EDIT: A few questions...

    1. How much did you pay for it?
    2. How do you know they arent fake? (im not saying they are, its just something i would worry about if i bought them on ebay, ya know?)
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  10. I used to work with a guy selling mostly Roman and Tibetan artifacts, I didnt pick up enough to know what a coin is just by looking at it. There are of course books you can buy on the subject.
  11. That thing looks super legit. I was expecting to see someone that got ripped off. Did it come with documents or something? What metal is that?

    And the big question... what's it worth? (If you don't mind)

    are the other 2 different?

    oh yeah, I don't collect ancient coins, but I collect old american currency and got all the silver proof sets to new quarters. gonna stop that crap though... it's expensive.
  12. Try asking on a coin collecting forum. I'm sure someone there will be able to help you out.
  13. Good idea. I'll get there eventually. Just don't feel like registering atm...

    It is legit - it came caked with 2,000 year old dirt. It was like cemented on. I've been using lye to get the shit off. I'm not worried about the value too much because I only paid $2 each for them on E-bay. But you can use lye to clean them, anyway.

    So yeah, $2 each (about) and you can tell they're legit.

    Here's the good coin cleaned up even more. The back needs work. Can anyone read that shit on the front??

    And btw, you all can be doing this shit too... $2 a coin - you can get a real good one!!!

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  14. Thats pretty dope. Imagine the people that used to spend it on wine and prostitutes

  15. Yea. Maybe those were tokens to get into a massive roman orgy with a bad ass olive bar.
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    Yeah. I just identified the coin. Was a real bitch!!!

    The inscription (after HOURS of research and learning a little of the Latin alphabet): D N PROCO PIVS P F AVG. The "V" is really a "U", so it says: "D N Procopius PF AUG". This is what it means:

    D N stands for "Dominus Noster" which means "Our Lord". Then there's the name "Procopivus" (really Procopius). After that, P F is "Pius Felix (which means dutiful), And AVG (AUG) is for "Augustus". So the fucker translates to "Our Lord Procopius Augustus - The Dutiful". Awesome shit!

    The coin itself is from 366 AD. The ruler was Procopius.

    This shit is awesome!

    And to make it better, coin #2 (The one with the second-most potential) is more visible. The best part is it isn't Roman - it's Greek! It dates back to 350 BC! That's 350 years before Jesus!

    Here's an image from another website of my exact coin (the Greek one):


    And mine are attached.

    I suggest everyone do this shit. If you clean them right, you'll make many-times your money back.

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  17. And here's the first coin - cleaned up nicely... Looking good! It's worth $230 because it's rare, but my dumbass went overboard cleaning it. I stripped off some of the oxidized coating (which coin collectors value ALOT), so I devalued it down to maybe $20. I have it up on Ebay right now and someone already bid (and there's 5 days left, haha).
    Here's the first coin - First two pics are of it BEFORE I stripped the coating. The second two are afterwards... Fuck me, right? :(

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  18. Fuck! I just double checked my first coin, and the lowest I'm seeing it being sold on Ebay for is $130!

    I'll probably get like $20 for mine because I stripped the coating off. Fuck me...
  19. This is really cool dude. You're really into it which is awesome, not many people would research the coins like you are.

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