Anyone Blaze with an Older person??

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  1. The other day, I was at the ski mountain I work at just skiing around with the guys i work with, we decided to hit up a little log/tarp shack hidden in the woods. we are all in there just passing a bowl around, some more kids show up and then all of a sudden this like 80 year old guy shows up!! it was awesome! I know old people blaze, but the whole situtation was just nuts, plus he had some BOMB weed rolled up in a jibbaahh!!!:hello:
  2. nah the oldest I've ever blazed with was a 35 year old who was living with his parents. Cool guy, and he had tons of connects, but it was kind of strange. But an 80 year old man? that must have been fun, lol
  3. I used to blaze with a 65 year old lady
  4. That would be reli cool if that happened to me ^^^.
  5. my grandma who's like almost 70 i think, tokes up. but i've never tried toking up with her, she doesn't really like me much anyway. it'd be interesting though
  6. I've blazed with people of all ages. For about a year I used to have an almost daily sesh with this guy in his late 50s who owned a bar I went to, very cool guy. He introduced me to lots of older smokers, anywhere from 40s to 70s. I actually liked chilling with those folks as they offered a different perspective on life, tended to have a more mature attitude about cannabis and they really didn't give a damn what people thought; they smoked because they loved the herb, not to look cool or anything. They all had jobs, or were retired, successful, well adjusted folks, not what the propogandists would have you think of as someone who uses marijuana.

    I read an article a while back about how a lot of people who grew up in the 60s and 70s and now have empty nest and disposable income are starting to smoke again. I'm glad for this, only good can come from it. Older people ftw, breaking stereotypes, loving life and showing cannabis can be used to enhance one's life.
  7. I've blazed with my 50 year old aunt because she forgot her sleeping pills & asked me if I had any strong pills & I told her I just had weed. She said I had ''some skunky shit" haha never thought I'd end up smoking with my sweet aunt jo! :D:smoking:
  8. I smoked a doob with my dads friend and my uncle on the 4th. it was so dope :D
  9. Yea in highschool this kids mom smoked. She was probably only 40. But her boyfriend was pretty old like old enough so it showed. I smoked with them 3 or 4 times. I also smoked with my fake aunt who is 53.
  10. blazed with my hippie uncle who is like 55ish
  11. I used to cheif with my friends parents all the time in high school. That is untill probation rolled around. Fml
  12. I got to blaze with a 75 year old rastaman when i went to jamaica. He had some DANK shit!! It was pretty fun. He kept saying "This is good mon, This is real good"
  13. Yea I blazed with a few myself. It's always more of a chill experience, unless they're major tweakers or fucked up on some hard drug and they're just smokin a bowl with ya.

    It's usually cool tho :smoking:
  14. I Work at a caterring hall as a prep chef. The head chef who is in his in the 50s took me to his house and smoked me up on hash. He's mad chill we exchange strains all the time.

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