Anyone been to Warped Tour this year?

Discussion in 'General' started by Escape The Fate, Aug 10, 2007.

  1. I went today in Mansfield, MA. It was awesome, wasnt too hot out and great bands were playing (As I Lay Dying, Killswitch Engage, Underoath, Still Remains, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Chiodos.) It was so much fun just going nuts during all the songs, those bands really get you pumped like no other genre of music can do to you, really makes you wanna go crazy. Well anyways just seein if anyone else checked it out this year. I had a shitload of fun. People were also lightin up J's and Blunts right in all the audiences.
  2. awww come on people, well how many people have been to any crazy concerts this summer? Like hard rock concerts. Today during As I lay Dying the crowd performed the wall of death, this is when the crowd breaks up into 2 big groups living a long strip of space in the middle then then proceed to run at each other (Think of a war, two armies rushing at each other) and just contiune to go crazy
  3. I went on saturday in New york.

    BTW what time did the one today end?
  4. Today the last band was Underoath and they started at 9. They played for like 45 minutes so I was out of there by 10. But it was so cool because it was Underoaths last night on the tour before they leave for the rest of the summer so they ended with a bang. Who was your fav band you saw in New York?
  5. our warped tour is tomorrow.

    underoath was supposed to play here last year then chooched out at the last minute, and were never scheduled for this year.

    It sucks that buffalo is one of the last dates every fucking year.
  6. My favourite band was bayside but thats because I know the band personally. Alkaline trio was really good though probably me second favourite of the day.
  7. If any of you guys know who The Starting Line is, go see them and ask kenny (singer) if he wants to blaze. He'll vape bags with his volcano alllll day.
  8. In all honesty it seems to me that Warped Tour completely turned into what it was first promoting.

    W/e happened to the days of NOFX and Union 13.

    Im sure Fat Mike got a bit of a gag once he heard this years line up.
  9. Didnt warped tour used to be for unknown punk bands? Now its just a marketing scam.

  10. I meant to go, but neglected to buy tickets. So I didnt. Couple friends went though, they had a good time. BUT NOFX and Flogging Molly didnt play these venues so it defeats the purpose of me going anyways.
  11. I went in cinci last week.
  12. I bought my grinder from there. :] $10

    I only went to see circa survive, there were a few other good bands.
  13. Warped tour used to be so damn cool, years ago. Awesome bands, parties, ladies, amateur skateboard comps. Now it's just a list of bands, with no hype anymore.

    I'd like to see NOFX.
  14. My boys band called Nobodys Hero just took the drummer from underoath (Andy)...they are fuckin nasty check em out on myspace...they are hoping to sign to a new label real soon. Here is there link
  15. Red Jumpsuit Apparatus!

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