Anyone been to a funeral where no one cried?

Discussion in 'General' started by Danceswithjuub, Nov 16, 2012.

  1. I have, my dad's father.

    Was interesting to see.

    No one was upset, no one was sad. Everyone was there cause they felt like they had to be.

    I think my grandmother TRIED crying at one point, but my Dad leaned over to her and said, "Come on."

    And she stopped trying....
  2. Nope, not one where no one cried. I didn't cry at my fathers funeral, but I was completely mortified and 8 years old....
    But damn that sucks, poor guy, what a shame. I would hate to think I could be thought of like this...
  3. I am told he was a douche-bag to everyone.

    But I witnessed a death where no one in the world cared that the person was gone.

    Resonated with me.
  4. Thats pretty much the ultimate fear for me cause after your dead man your only what memories you leave behind :/

    i cried at my dads funeral and its the only one ive been to..
  5. Nope, Hispanic people are very dramatic and emotional.

    Or maybe I'm just too cold hearted.

    I'll leave emotions to the humans, that's their business :cool:
  6. Thats a weird situation to picture. And funerals are strange to begin with.

    I've been to one where nobody was visibly crying, but hundreds of people showed up for the family and the person who died. He was an older man so of course his friends weren't going to cry in front of the the mother and kids that just lost a father. Plus it was the WW2 generation. They don't cry at public venues because it honestly scares the crap out of everyone when a 50-80 year old man starts sobbing.

    Never been to one where the people weren't sad about the loss. But I've been to one where nobody cried and every person in the room missed the deceased.
  7. Yep. Afterwards her uncle ranted about how big of a piece of shit she was.
  8. Nope, I've only been to two funerals and a lot of people cried at both.
  9. I went to one funeral of my distant families their baby had died shortly after birth due to a heart condition, and I was pretty shocked at the result of it. The mother of the the girl who had the baby actually picked the baby up out of the casket and was taking pictures with it and smiling and shit! And it was clearly upsetting her daughter she just fell to her knees, me and my family got up and left after that happened we were disgusted!
  10. wow....:confused:

  11. What the actual fuck?

  12. You are chill.
  13. You said it.

    In this world they lock up the sane and let the mad go free. :rolleyes:
  14. Dude in this world they allow Casey Anthony.

    like wtf.
  15. wow, thats fucked
  16. [quote name='"Danceswithjuub"']

    What the actual fuck?


    Yeah, that's.... Inappropriate?
    How's someone gonna smile in a picture with a dead baby?
  17. nope. dad died when i was 12 and everyone was fucking bawling. i never really cried about it and to this day do not get upset thinking about it. weird.
  18. [quote name='"StalinApproves"']Yep. Afterwards her uncle ranted about how big of a piece of shit she was.[/quote]

    Id like too hear this story.

  19. Interesting, the last two funerals I went to nobody cried at Grandmother and my Great Aunt (opposite sides of the family).

  20. Did the mother know the baby was dead? Maybe she had some sort of mental disorder or someshit and honestly thought the baby was just sleeping or something, I've seen it happen to old people with cats hahaha.

    I know this one girl who was involved in a drunk driving accident about a week before she was going to give birth. Her and the baby daddy were hammered and drove home from a party, they didn't get hit by a drunk driver or anything so don't look at her like an innocent victim hah. Anyways, the damage ended up killing the fetus and she had to give birth to it anyways. She ended up dressing it up and taking different pictures with it and posting an album on Facebook. You could tell the baby was dead, but the way the photos are taken you would think otherwise. She even had a picture of her sister holding the baby with the most depressed look on her face. Then she had another photo of herself all scratched up with a huge smile on her face while wearing the neck brace, with the caption "Nothings going to bring me down!" I'd post a link to the album, but privacy issues seeing as I actually know her haha. Its kind of funny cause now on mothers day a lot of people comment on her page wishing her a happy mothers day and a lot of people act as if the baby is still alive even though this happened over three years ago hah.

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