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Anyone been to a 3D movie blitzed out your mind?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TurtleWeekend, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. I want to try it soon, wanted to see how some people liked it. i immagine it would go on my all time fun things to do while high, along with swimming and trampolines. :cool:
  2. Avatar... wow.
  3. This one time me and my buddy went to see Jackass 3d.. So we smoke on the way there, high as hell about to watch a funny ass movie and what happens? Forgot my wallet. They wouldn't give me a ticket without my i.d. so we got tickets for some other movie and just went to Jackass... The thing is we didn't have the glasses lol. Damn my eyes fucking hurt after that.
  4. #4 BloodLust, Aug 4, 2011
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    Trampolines are only impressive if you're TOTALLY baked, but staring at the night sky from the trampoline is a different story. I was so high doing this one time I saw the "northern lights" in southern Texas lmao. Also like when a spaceships goes into warp speed and the stars like stretch, it looked like that.
  5. Captain America was tight blazed
  6. 3D movies are the shit when you're stoned for sure.
  7. Sounds awesome! ill have to try that too :smoke:

  8. dude your sig quote by jimi is my facebook banner... :eek:
  9. i want to go on one of those giant trampolines that you put in the middle of a lake, completely stoned
  10. yeah but 4d is better
  11. of course :p its amazing - Green Lantern and Transformers 3 :p hahaha so good
  12. I'm probably going to see captain america tomorrow blazed, should be a good time. It will be my first 3d movie high hahaha
  13. Brought my magic flight launch box with me to see Harry Potter. Lets just say I had a very magical time in that theatre ;)
  14. As I'm a nerd stoner, I went to see Harry Potter p.2 . I was so blitzed !!!
    Shit was awesome ! Going to see Captain America friday, Hopefully will be as awesome!
  15. transformers was crazy as fuck but i didnt know what was going going on cuz i was stoned lol. 2.5 g's out of a bong and pipe hot boxing my friends lincoln navigator.
  16. Newest harry potter in 3d at movie theater.. god it was so intense my body was tired from just sitting there watching it. :eek:
  17. I went to Coroline tripping. I took off the 3d glasses after like the first 5 minutes because it was freaking me out. (I didn't even realize the screen was blurry; someone told me that later.) In fact, the whole movie was pretty creepy, but I wasn't paying attention to the story line, just the creepy ass scenes. Also, I think the people around me at one point said, "I think that dude's tripping." I mean I was at a 3D movie without using 3D glasses, and I was probably looking around a lot and talking to myself.

    I saw Across the Universe after smoking a 3 gram blunt. I actually didn't like it at the time, but again, I wasn't really paying attention.
  18. Transformers 3D was insane!! I was heavily baked with my friends! :D
  19. Saw Tron Legacy in Imax opening night STONED off my ass! Apparently it was a 6 story high screen "Biggest one in AZ!" so they say..holy shit it was amazing.

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